Survivor Michael Attacked By Activist

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Survivor Michael Attacked By Activist

Wednesday June 13 2:49 PM ET
COLUMBIA, Mo. (AP) - “Survivor” cast member Michael Skupin was attacked with pepper spray during the state’s workplace safety promotion.
Skupin was in Columbia on Tuesday to talk about the importance of workplace safety […]

Reality TV Tries Out World War One Trenches

LONDON (Reuters) - A British reality television program is seeking 25 fit young men to relive life in the hellish trenches of World War One.
The BBC said successful applicants would endure up to two weeks in a muddy trench where they would be exposed to rats, maggots, dirt, tear gas — and television cameras.
“We are […]

CBS Casting ‘Survivor 4′

LOS ANGELES ( - CBS is already looking for 16 contestants to strand in an exotic location for “Survivor 4.”
Those interested in competing for the $1 million grand prize can log on to CBS’ website ( for instructions and an application form.

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Casting Call: Survivor 4

Yes it is true. CBS is already casting for Survivor part four in a top secret location. Head over to for the official application. Application
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Big changes

Seeing the same people on TV day after day, week after week provides me with an admittedly strange kind of ritualistic comfort. Like the first cup of coffee in a day as the perfect accompaniment to the morning paper; or the daily exchange with my neighbour about weather. It’s a check in that tells me […]

”Single Girls” on prowl in ABC reality show

HOLLYWOOD (Variety) - The production company that last year asked contestants to find “The Mole,” will next follow a group of “Single Girls” as they search for someone even more elusive: Mr. Right.
ABC has committed to Stone Stanley Entertainment’s “Single Girls,” a reality show that follows five young women as they move into a […]

Casting Call: “Lost in the USA”

Bunim/Murray Productions, creators of THE REAL WORLD and ROAD RULES, is currently searching the country for energetic and exciting people to be LOST IN THE U.S.A!!!
More Here

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Amber of Survivor II in Stuff Magazine

Check out the latest issue of stuff magazine or visit them online to see a steamy layout of Amber from Survivor II the outback. She looks a little better these days as she smokes the cover of Stuff.

Stuff Mag
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Casting Call Fear Factor : ::

A link to the application for the US Fear Factor show in NBC.
Fear Factor Application

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Big Brother US 2000 Brit looks to stars :: :

Source: NY Post: June 25, 2001 — WHEN the stylists at Oscar Blondi ask the nose-ringed Brittany Petros how she wants her hair to be, she is vague: “bright, kind of funky, retro, like a purple or a blue, and freaky-looking. Like a Ronald McDonald red. That’s what I like.”
Out come the pointy, dyed […]

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