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Source: NY Post: June 25, 2001 — WHEN the stylists at Oscar Blondi ask the nose-ringed Brittany Petros how she wants her hair to be, she is vague: “bright, kind of funky, retro, like a purple or a blue, and freaky-looking. Like a Ronald McDonald red. That’s what I like.”

Out come the pointy, dyed black pigtails - one of her many fashion trademarks from “Big Brother” - and in go Blondi’s hands.

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  • Anonymous

    She will never make it…. No one wants to touch that cast..

  • Anonymous

    She was cute and funny on Big B one but as we all can see once your done on a reality show (with the exception of a rare few) your toast and it is time to right a book or play the lounge club circut

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