Producer say: ‘Big Brother 2′ Is Better

Official contestant profiles hint at potential fireworks when the show debuts 8 p.m. EDT Thursday. For instance, Hardy, a 31-year-old Philadelphia account executive, lists orange as his favorite color.
What color is most detested by Bunky, a 36-year-old technical writer from Harrisburg, N.C.? Orange! What if Hardy insists on flaunting an offensively bright T-shirt around […]

Fans may pay to play

CBS Television is preparing to put a price tag on Internet video streams of its voyeuristic TV series, “Big Brother,” a further sign of content owners attempting to charge for online programming.
A notice on the CBS Web site says that live, unedited video from the show, which debuts in its second season Thursday night, will […]

O Brother: CBS gets ”Real” in Internet deal

HOLLYWOOD (Variety) - CBS may finally have found an Internet partner for ”Big Brother 2,” which bows on the network Thursday night at 8 p.m.
Industry insiders said the network is in final negotiations with Real Networks to partner on a plan to provide 24-hour-a-day streaming video footage from inside the ”Brother” house. And in […]

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