Chicken George and will fly a banner

A tip from a fan informed us that Chicken George and will fly a banner over the CBS lot and BB2 house tomorrow, 7/8, between 11:00 and 12:00. This banner will try to inform the HGs about angry fans due to Internet fee and feed editing.
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Please Sign This Petition To Help Keep The Live Feeds FREE…

This petition is gaining signatures like wildfire after CBS/Real Networks announced they will be charging for online viewing. It will be sent off to many sources on Sunday evening, July 8.
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Will and Shannon were kissing

Breaking News! At around 11:35 pm, west coast time, Will and Shannon were kissing!! They got under the covers and whispered for a bit and then we could hear kissing and the two of them talking about their relationship.
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Reality TV Tests the Audience’s Endurance

The insipidly foolish “Big Brother 2″ and “Real World,” the big brother of all reality TV shows, both had season premieres this week.
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