I Want A Divorce

If you think parting is such sweet sorrow, you haven’t played “I Want A Divorce,” where divorcing couples will compete with their own spouses for ownership of their assets — as well as $100,000 — in the all-new, no-holds-barred game show special that will air on FOX. Casting directors are currently seeking six couples who […]

I hope Playboy calls me says Monica

“I needed the money as much as everyone else who played the game,” says Monica. “But I wouldn’t do what she did. I am not like that.
“I won that game,” she says passionately. “I just didn’t get the money.”
Now, she says, she’ll have to work for it. There are personal appearances and acting […]

Are you Though Enough? Apply now for Tough Enough 2

Do you think you’re tough enough? Do you think you have what it takes? The World Wrestling Federation and MTV are pleased to announce that we will be accepting applications for a second season of WWF Tough Enough! If you think you can compete in the World Wrestling Federation - whether you […]

Nidia and Maven win WWF contracts

Maven and Nidia prove Tough Enough!

After 14 weeks of intense physical and mental training, Maven and Nidia were announced the winners of the first-ever “WWF Tough Enough” competition! As a result, the two have earned guaranteed World Wrestling Federation contracts! What’s the future for these two? Stay tuned! MORE
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Episode 2: TONY AND LAURA Booted from Boat

Good-byes are finally made and Laura and Tony depart. The remaining couples are forced to look onward as many more emotional conflicts are yet to rear their ugly heads. FULL UPDATE HERE
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Temptation Island 2 coming Thursday, November 8th at 9PM/8C

You cried with Billy and Mandy. You cheered for Shannon.

You were glued to your television for every surprising, heartbreaking,

emotional moment of Temptation Island.

Well, get ready for round two! Like its successful predecessor More
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Amazing Race Update

The third leg of the race began under the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. Teams had to decipher a clue leading them to the giant Ferris Wheel, called La Grande Roue, located less than two miles away. The amusement ride was in plain sight to all Teams from the Arc de Triomphe. The clue, however, […]

Survey: TV Watchers More ‘Sensitive’

Regarding TV usage, reality programming seems to be the most affected by the events of Sept. 11, with almost 57 percent of respondents indicating they are now less interested in watching such shows as “Survivor” and “Amazing Race.” Almost half-just under 49 percent-are more interested in watching news and 42 percent said they are more […]

Love Cruise starts tomorrow

Love Cruise: The Maiden

Voyage Premiere

has been moved! Don’t

miss all the romance and

reality on Tuesday,

September 25th at 9pm/8c. Meet the cast here
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Small Town X Winner still missing in NYC

This was sent in from a reader: The prayer service at Yankee Stadium finished a little while ago. It was heart breaking to see Angel’s family. I’ve been crying on and off for about 3 hours. To see his mom, wearing a Ladder 12 cap, clutching a picture of Angel was truely heart breaking. It […]

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