About Big Brother from Endemol the creators of Big Brother Worldwide

Big Brother has been launched in 17 territories around the world and has broken all records in terms of exposure and media frenzy. For the first time, ordinary people and the mass media have been given the opportunity to really interact.
The show has created a stream of communication driven by real-life content and is […]

Nasty Nick of Big Brother UK dating Sopranos star

Nasty Nick Bateman is going out with one of the stars of The Sopranos.

The Big Brother contestant has been dating Edie Falco for two weeks.
She stars as Tony Soprano’s wife in the American TV drama.
The couple met when she appeared in The Vagina Monologues in London.
Nick told The Sun: “It’s early days […]

Russia is watching Big Brother

Russia has launched its own version of the reality TV show Big Brother, set in a purpose-built flat inside a hotel off Red Square.

The six contestants are faced with the prospect of a potential 34 days inside the 128 sq m flat in the Rossiya Hotel as the Russian public votes each week on who […]

Survivor (3) Africa episode 3 recap.

The show starts out show the division in the .
Back at Samburu tribe between the older group and younger group widening. The reward challenge required each team to roll a Indiana Jones style giant bolder across a very tough length of dirt rocks and hills. The Boran tribe won their first reward challenge […]

Meet the singles and couples of Temptation Island 2

Like its successful predecessor, TEMPTATION ISLAND 2 is an unscripted dramatic series in which unmarried couples travel to an exotic locale to test and explore the strength of their relationships.

Once at the location, the couples are introduced to eligible singles and then separated from their partners until the final day of their stay.
Over this […]

‘Survivor 4′ Headed to French Polynesia

LOS ANGELES (Zap2it.com) - CBS isn’t taking the next batch of “Survivor” contestants to Jordan after all. A network spokeswoman confirms that the destination for “Survivor 4″ will be the French Polynesian island of Nuku Hiva.
Located in the Marquesas Islands, Nuku Hiva is a small island north east of the Tahitian Islands.
“Mark Burnett has wanted […]

Anthrax changes thoughts about reality tv application

As letters laced with anthrax landed in network news offices and on Capitol Hill last week, producers of reality series and game shows began rethinking their decisions to ask contestants to apply by mail.

“Rest assured, we’ll be taking tremendous precautions with respect to the application process for our reality shows, but we can’t provide a […]

Reality TV runs into a new reality

LOS ANGELES, California (CNN) — When “Survivor” debuted in the summer of 2000, it was a tremendous success.
The show was inexpensive to produce. Tens of millions of viewers watched each week — and each week’s ratings improved upon the previous week’s. And with the popularity of the final episode in its first series, which […]

Survivor Episode 2 recap: Jessie from Boran Tribe voted off.

The show started off with Clarence regretting his decision to eat the can of beans and we found out that the entire team had decided to cast only one vote for him and the rest for Diane to teach him a lesson.
The reward challenge for this show was to carry five large tree trunk type […]

Playboy picks Lori as the sexiest Real World babe

Flora in the Miami season may have been the biggest exhibitionist. Melissa from New Orleans may have been the biggest flirt. But when Playboy.com asked our readers which Real World babe they would most like to see pose nude, it was Lori who rocked their World.
The sexy brunette from the second New York show […]

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