Coolio wins Fear Factor

If you missed out last night NBC ran a celebrity Fear Factor. China from the WWF, Donny Osmand, Coolio, and Mr. Baywatch himself all competed for different charities. They had to ride ontop of a moving Bus and collect flags, have live worms, scorpions, and millipedes dumped on their heads, and run on […]

Clarence Exits With Class

There is hope for the human spirit. To see the interaction between TERESA and CLARENCE in the sixth hour of the immunity challenge, to see them play hard and keep their integrity and to see Clarence exit with such grace, made me proud to be a “Survivor” fan. Wishing everyone the best of luck, he […]

BIG BROTHER BREAK UP: Mike Boogie and Krista from Big Brother 2 have split up

November 26, 2001 — HOLD on to your seats - but Mike Boogie and Krista from “Big Brother 2″ have split up, according to a website that follows reality shows.

The couple made some headlines when Mike, a flamboyant California bar-owner, proposed to Krista, a divorced waitress from Louisiana, on live TV during the finale of […]

Celebrity Fear Factor TUESDAY night on NBC

An all new Celebrity Fear Factor with: Coolio, Donny Osmand, China, David Hasselhoff, and more… Check out more information . HERE or apply to be ona future fear factor show . HERE.
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Clarence Back gets shafted: Two tribes merge

Quick thanksgiving day survivor wrap up. The two tribes merge as one and they are now called the Moto Maji tribe, there was no reward challenge but an immunity challenge as individuals. Each person had to hold their arm up as long as possible without moving it. If it moved water […]

Temptation Island 2: Heavy drinking leads to steamy lap dances

We all remember the first season of ”Temptation Island,” right? There were seemingly endless amounts of kissing, dissing, and other acts of mild debauchery. The show was scandalous, but more for its premise (of trying to entice couples to break up on national television) than for any actual dirty deed. In the end, all four […]

Temptation Island 2 Will be off air this week: Back next Thursday

t2 willl be off air for Holiday weekend but return next week. If you missed last weeks show here is a recap from
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Lindsey Richter Shows up on Howard Stern Show

Lindsey Richter, the latest ”Survivor” to be thrown off ”Survivor Africa”, came in to talk about her experiences on the show. Before Howard got to her he spent a couple of minutes talking to Jon Hein from about some of the shows that have Jumped the Shark lately. They brought up ”Buffy the Vampire […]

Reality TV bites, contestant finds

You probably don’t care about what went on behind the scenes on Fox’s “Love
Cruise.” I’m guessing that you didn’t watch the show, which basically amounted to competitive mating with strangers.
That’s too bad. If you had caught the episode where three couples squeezed bags of oranges between their bodies-without using their hands-in a sticky effort […]

Survivor Video Game

Be one of the actual 32 cast members or create your own character
Form alliances with fellow tribe members
Compete in 24 reward and immunity challenges
Compete against friends via LAN and the Internet
Vote off fellow tribe members at tribal council
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