NBC readies Playboy Playmates for Fear Factor

HOLLYWOOD (Variety) - NBC will pit Playboy Playmates against pigskin with a special Super Bowl Sunday edition of the network’s red-hot reality series “Fear Factor.”
In a bid to steal away some of Fox’s Super thunder, NBC plans to broadcast a two-part, 80-minute edition of “Fear Factor” during halftime and immediately after Fox’s Feb. 4 Super […]

Who wants to be a pauper?

Poverty could be Hollywood’s next fad. Two producers are developing an American version of a Japanese reality show in which contestants play poor to strike it rich. The new one-hour weekly series “Minimum Wage” will take two middle-class couples and force them to live on minimum wage for a month; whoever saves the most money […]

Frank voted out and T-Bird gives him a goodbye stab in the back

Frank Garrison, the 43-year-old telephone technician from Odessa, New York, became the tenth person voted out of SURVIVOR AFRICA. Silent and resolute, Frank watched his flame extinguished and then left the group. Frank received four votes, which was enough to send him packing. But the most tearful vote came from his good friend Teresa, who […]


The episode begins with the coupled girls reaction to bonfire. Nikkole tells all the single guys about Tommy’s late night endeavors with “White Eye Shadow Girl.” Nikkole says that she would rather see Tommy seriously connect with one girl, than mess around with many. Catherine finally begins to accept what all the single guys were […]

Next Orwellproject Updates this Thursday

We have been busy the past week and will add fresh new reality TV updates Thursday night after the shows!
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The show opens in the morning at Tango Mar. Genevieve explains that she came to Temptation Island because she wanted to test her relationship and see what it was like to be single. In a sense she thinks that she was sabotaging her relationship with Tony. She concedes that it was not Tony’s idea to […]

The Boran alliance is broken when Lex goes nuts and boots Kelly

“Survivor: Africa” returned with a new episode after a one-week absence, thanks to last week’s recap episode. For those who need refreshing, episode seven ended with Clarence getting the boot, although Teresa sided with Clarence at the voting booth, resulting in two votes against Lex.
Stunned that someone would vote against him, Lex goes on a […]

South Africans Laugh at American TV Survivors

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa (Reuters) - The first series of the U.S. television show “Survivor” to be set in Africa, featuring American competitors trying to outlast each other, left its South African audience in stitches Wednesday.
“Can the image of the American tourist get worse than this bunch of screechers?” asked Robert Kirby, TV critic for the […]

Russians fall in love with reality TV

MOSCOW (Reuters) - Reality TV has burst upon an unsuspecting Russian public, with the daily diet of sex talk, live romps, games and quarrels denounced as depraved by the Orthodox Church even as viewers send TV6’s ratings skyward.
“Za Steklom” (Behind the Glass) is proving so popular that state-run rival ORT, Russia’s most-watched channel, has struck […]

Project Green Light airs on HBO

It is finally here. Over a year after this little screenwriting contest was announced, “Project Greenlight” will premiere as an HBO Original Series. The show was created by Ben Afleck and Matt Damon and air on Sunday nights.
For 11 weeks, follow one person’s crash course on filmmaking. From beating out 7,000 other filmmakers..
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