Tought Enough: EPISODE 1 — 250 CONTEND FOR 13 SPOTS

250 contestants from all over the world were invited to audition in Las Vegas for Tough Enough 2. Only 13 hopefuls would make it. Each contestant auditioned in front of a panel of judges which included Jim Ross, Federation Talent Manager John “Big” Gaburick, Federation Executive Producer Kevin Dunn, World Wrestling Federation Superstars Al Snow, […]

New Fear Factor Episode Tonight

What do you get when you put a person’s head in a small box with 24 large rats? You wind up with a great Fear Factor stunt and some very stressed out animal wranglers. Find out more about tonight’s episode HERE
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AMAZING RACE 2 Premiers March 11th.

The first episode of CBS’s THE AMAZING RACE 2 will air on March 11th. The CBS website includes bios for each couple and a sneak peek video.
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