Johnny Carson Slams Reality TV

He also disparaged the recent wave of “reality TV” shows, including the CBS hit “Survivor,” saying of the contestants, “These silly people will do anything the director suggests because they want to be on television. They want to be somebody! I say, take ‘em and put ‘em in the Congo for four days — see […]

CBS Confirms Thailand as Next ‘Survivor’ Locale

LOS ANGELES ( - Sixteen people will willingly make their way to a former island prison colony in Thailand for the next edition of “Survivor.”
CBS announced the location Tuesday (April 30), confirming earlier reports that the Thai government had issued permits to the show to film in the country’s Tarutao National Park. MORE
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Zoe wants to be a star

If you thought Zoe Zanidakis was cagey and untrustworthy on the show, try interviewing this lobster fisherwoman. She seems to have blocked out some of her island ways, but that’s okay. After all, adopting a new persona may help with her dream career. Read on: MORE
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ABC Reportedly Casting for ‘Bachelorette’

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Who says bachelors get to have all the fun?
In a nod to the success of its just-finished reality series “The Bachelor,” television network ABC is casting not only for a second rendition of the show, but for a new “Bachelorette” version as well, according to a network source who spoke […]

P. Diddy may do reality show

BURBANK, Calif. (AP) - P. Diddy may be giving the Osbournes some competition.
The rapper, producer and owner of Bad Boy records tells Access Hollywood that he is close to inking a deal with MTV for his own reality show. The series would deal with how he runs his business.
P. Diddy is promising […]

New Show: I want a new Husband airs May23rd on Fox

I WANT A HUSBAND: ALASKA is a new romantic reality series on FOX in which five women from the “lower 48″ who want to get married will travel to Alaska, where single men far out number the women.
Awaiting the women upon their arrival will be dozens of Alaskan men who are looking for wives. Over […]

Rosie Picked to Host ‘Survivor’ Reunion

LOS ANGELES ( - CBS has tapped Rosie O’Donnell to host “Survivor: Marquesas — The Reunion,” to be broadcast live in mid-May from New York’s Central Park.
The reunion show will follow the show’s season finale, where the sole survivor will be revealed live — also from Central Park.
“From the Grammys to the Tonys, Rosie […]

The Bachlor: Episode 5

Episode 5
We open in Malibu, where Alex is looking forward to the overnight dates and the opportunity to spend some real time with each of the remaining bachelorettes, but is worried about the upcoming Rose Ceremony.
First Dream Date: Amanda in New York City
Amanda is thrilled to have the chance to get closer to Alex, and […]

Don’t throw away your Reality TV Audition tapes!!!

Have you or someone you know applied to be on Survivor, Real World, Big Brother, The Mole, The Amazing Race, Temptation Island, or any of the other popular reality TV shows? Still want a chance at being on TV? Did you make it on a Reality TV show and still have a copy […]

Alumni ‘Survivor’ in Planning Stage

NEW YORK (AP) - How would the villainous Richard Hatch do against sweet-talking schemer Tina Wesson? Can you imagine Susan Hawk from the first “Survivor” dressing down Rob Mariano from the current show?
Such what-ifs could happen. “Survivor” executive producer Mark Burnett said Tuesday that he’s planning an all-star edition matching memorable players from past editions […]

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