Survivor Role Reversal

Survivor: Marquesas’s latest casualty, Tammy Leitner, has had plenty of experience dealing with media frenzies. As an award-winning crime reporter, the 29-year-old Arizona resident has covered everything from….MORE
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Mexican Big Brother beats ad boycott

Mexico has become the latest country to fall under the Big Brother spell, despite a boycott by advertisers.

The reality TV show, which sees contestants locked up inside a house with cameras filming their every move 24 hours a day, is giving Mexico its first taste of reality TV. MORE
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The Reality Top 10: April 28-May 4

There’s just no safety in reality TV. This week, all your favorite sorta-real-life stars were in constant danger of falling off the wagon, falling from the sky, and falling from grace with their friends. And those who made it through this week okay looked certain to meet their doom next time MORE
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Jeff Probst is not an idiot

May 8, 2002 | Jeff Probst, the beefcake host of “Survivor,” is more than a weather-beaten brow, a pair of neatly pressed khakis and a smugly knowing grin. He’s an independent film director.
Probst’s debut as a writer/director, “Finder’s Fee,” is currently touring the independent film festival circuit, and it’s a genuinely enjoyable […]

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