Oh my Heck Vecepia Won Survivor 4

It was down to the final four and the second to last immunity challenge. Pappy grabbed a purple stone and was given his walking papers. It was down to Vecepia, Kathy, and Neleh to hold one hand on and idol and balance on a pole. Kathy hit the ground first so Vecepia […]

The making of Fear Factor

Everything You Wanted to Know About Fear Factor,But Were Afraid to AskBy Carole Panick. “You have been brought here from all over the country for one reason, to stare fear in the eye as you compete for fifty thousand dollars.” This is the mantra that greets six new players each week on Fear Factor. FULL […]

Survivor 4 ends tonight!

It’s down to Paschal, Neleh, Vecepia, and Kathy: Last-minute deals, surprise twists of fate, two Immunity Challenges, and two Tribal Councils later, two of these castaways will face a Jury of seven and be asked to answer for their actions on the island.
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