Jeff Beisel wins the $100,000 Fear Factor All-star

Jeff Beisel won the $100,000 Fear Factor All-star challenge last night. He managed tohang upside down and unlock himslef from a series of 4 locks, eat pig rectum, worms, and habanera peppers, and cap it of with a swim inside a moving milk truck full of water fast than the others.

Chat Live with Vecepia at today

Cbs is hosting a live intenet chat session today, Wednesday, and Thursday with cast from Survivor 4. Here is the schedule:
Chat with Vecepia: Tuesday, May 21st at 2pm ET

Chat with Neleh: Wednesday, May 22 at 2pm ET

Chat with Kathy: Thursday, May 23 at 2pm ET

Chat with Paschal: Thursday, May 23 at 3pm ET
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