Surprises coming to ‘Big Brother 3′

If the new contestants entering the ‘Big Brother 3′ house think they’ve got the game all figured out, they’d better think again. Though the show’s producers are tight-lipped about the upcoming changes, Arnold Shapiro and Allison Grodner are promising that they will throw the players and the viewers at home for a loop this year…. […]

‘Big Brother 3′ to go live on Net

Internet voyeurs and reality show fans will once again be able to play ‘Big Brother’ this year from the comfort of their home computers.
‘Big Brother 3′ producer Arnold Shapiro told Jam! Showbiz today that CBS and Real Networks will once again be providing 24-hour Web feeds to the ‘Big Brother’ house…

Sci-fi channel to launch reality TV show

Shannen Doherty is to host a new US TV show which mixes candid camera and sci-fi films.
Scare Tactics will be shown on the American Sci-Fi Channel.
The show will secretly film pranks inspired by sci-fi movies, involving haunted houses and alien abductions….

Liza Minnelli and David Gest planning to become the next Osbournes?

Are Liza Minnelli and David Gest planning to become the next Osbournes? According to gossip maven Liz Smith, the newlyweds are in discussions to launch a “Liza and David” series for the VH1/MTV Network.
Hoping to capitalize on the phenomenal success of MTV’s “The Osbournes” - the newest reality show that follows the rocker Ozzy […]

Being Mrs. Ozzy

Afew months ago, Ozzy Osbourne, the 53-year-old former lead singer of Black Sabbath, said: “I run on fear, I always have. I wake up looking for trouble. All I do is rush through the day so that I can get to sleep and be out of it. But I need medication, just to get to […]

Kelsey Grammer knocks out MTV wrestling show

“Frasier” star Kelsey Grammer has managed to halt production on MTV’s World Wrestling Entertainment series “Tough Enough” in Malibu.
Grammer and his neighbors in Malibu’s Broad Beach objected to MTV’s request to tape the reality show — which follows a group of young hardbodies as they train to become future WWE stars — at […]

NBC new reality show MEET MY FOLKS: JULY 2nd

Forget having to impress the date of your dreams — first you have to pass parental inspection in this one-hour reality game show. In the first episode, three eligible bachelors spend three days with their potential Miss Right — and her family in their home. During the course of the long weekend, each contestant’s character […]

OrwellProject Home Video Challenge

We are adding a new section to the Orwellproject website. This section will always be a work in progress. Here is how it will work. You film a 2 minute or less clip of something funny, stupid, odd, or classic and email it to us. If we like it we’ll put it up online […]

Tale of a Big Brother 3 Reject

Many people applied to be on Big Brother 3. Some made it, some didn’t. Here is the story of one woman who made it to the semi-final round of interviews, felt like she was badgered by the interviewer about her sex life and other issues, and was rejected. We include copies of her semi-final interview […]

First 3 finalist chosen

Last night the first three finalist were chose from the first group of ten. They are: Tamyra Gray, Jim Verraros, and Randy Starr. Be sure to check out the offical homepage for American idol at

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