Gerry gets the boot Marcellas wins HOH

In a vote of 4-0 Gerry Got the boot on Thursday night’s Big Brother 3. Marcella’s won the HOH challenge. Watch the pressure mount this week and we are sure to see Danielle campaign to have Marcella’s put Roddy back on the stand while Roddy campaigns to have Danielle put up as well. […]

The Beverly Hillbillies are coming

Talent scouts for CBS are searching the U.S. looking for a real life Beverly Hillbillies family to shoot an Osborne’s style reality show. For more information click

Jason sticks to his guns

With Jerry and Amy on the chopping block the house guests went into the Veto challenge. The HOH Jason won the power of Veto and was hot boxed by several of the house guests to put Roddy up in place or Jerry or Amy. However, Jason stuck to his word and did not […]

Las Vegas Preview Special

Lately there have been several incorrect reports stating that MTV will be airing the Las Vegas cast preview on September 3, 2002. Based on both television listing and information, these reports appear to be inaccurate — the preview episode will premiere Wednesday, September 4, 2002 at at 10:30 PM EST. So that will be […]

Production company will acceot show ideas

Have you ever had a great show idea? The producers of the Real World, Love Cruise, and Making the Band have most likely already thought of it but if you think your idea is unique and deserves a look over visit the Bunim-Murray homepage to submit your concept..

Open Casting Calls : Making the Band

Making the Band II is holding open casting calls in PA and Ga next week. Find out more from the offical homepage

Casting Call! Apply now for The Amazing Race 4

Apply now to take part in The Amazing Race 4. You can find the offical applciation

Who will be voted out tonight?

BB3 was action packed last night. A live concert from Sheryl Crow, Chiara and Roddy are placed on the chopping block, Gerry wins power of Veto, and Danielle’s “make a wish foundation” antics revealed. The house was filled with music during a live concert from Sheryl Crow in the back yard..followed by Amy’s tearful […]

Sheryl Crow serenades ‘Big Brother’ house

As the old saying goes, better late than never. Though the concert was about an hour late, Grammy-winner Sheryl Crow serenaded the ‘Big Brother 3′ HouseGuests last night with three songs on the live Internet feeds.

The Ame4rican Idol Finalist

American Idol has been narrowed down to the final 3: Justin Guarini, Kelly Clarkson, and Nikki McKibbin. Read more on the FOX American Idol homepage

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