‘American Idol’ Returns in January

LOS ANGELES (Zap2it.com) - With two 90-minute specials on Jan. 21 and 22, “American Idol” will launch the second edition of its awe-inspiring talent search.
The search for a superstar continues with much enthusiasm not only for the talents, but also for the personalities that run the show on-air. Much is to be expected of Simon […]

Did ‘The Bachelor’ Get Some Practice?

Buerge, the star of ABC’s hit reality series “The Bachelor,” concluded the show last week with a proposal to bachelorette Helene Eksterowicz, 27, a grade-school psychologist from New Jersey.
But according to MSNBC, this isn’t the first time Buerge has been on bended knee.

Knoxville Sympathetic About Teen’s Death

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. –– Johnny Knoxville, star of “Jackass,” expressed sympathy to the family of a teen who died last week after falling from a moving pickup truck in a stunt possibly inspired by the TV show.
“My heart goes out to the kid’s family, but we’ve done everything we can to prevent this type of thing […]

Teen Injured Attempting “Jackass”-Type Stunt

Police in Pennsylvania said a 13-year-old boy jumped off a railroad truss Saturday, landing on a column. They believe the boy jumped or fell onto debris at the base of the column. Authorities said he was imitating the popular show when he was injured.
“Trying to make a video from the MTV show ‘Jackass.’ (what […]

Gerry: His life after ‘Big Brother’

GLENDALE — After 55 days in the national spotlight on the reality TV show “Big Brother,” Glendale middle school teacher Gerry Lancaster has seen life return to normal — kind of.
“I’m like a B-list celebrity now … no, more like a C-list celebrity,” Lancaster said recently on his way to supervise a reading class at […]

Firefighter Talks About Her Experience on CBS Survivor

Before Stephanie Dill joined the cast of CBS’s Survivor: Thailand and became a member of the Sook Jai Tribe, she had already made her mark by becoming the first female firefighter in Fayetteville, Arkansas.
“I was the first and only in Fayetteville,” said Stephanie.

The Osbournes are back tonight!

The Prince of F*&%ing Darkness and his family are back for all-new episodes of the Emmy-Award winning The Osbournes. But before the chaos begins, tune in to The Osbournes marathon on Saunday to catch up on all the craziness from the first season
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The Bachelor has sure had his hands full

And it’s not over yet. The Bachelor will next appear on Conan, the sitcom “Less Than Perfect” and in a spot for Crest White Strips. But fame has a down side. He says, “The tabloids have been staking out my home for three weeks now. And I never anticipated being in the tabloids for a […]

‘The Osbournes’ returns for a second season

NEW YORK - “The Osbournes” becomes a reality show in the bleakest sense this season, as Ozzy and the kids cope with matriarch Sharon Osbourne’s colon cancer.
Yet as the second batch of episodes begins Tuesday in the United States, MTV also is trying to maintain the wackiness that made the series the network’s biggest […]

In Line to Be the Next ‘American Idol’

LOS ANGELES (Zap2it.com) - One of the enduring myths of Hollywood is that all that stands between a person and stardom is that one golden opportunity with an agent/casting director/producer/talent scout.
Monday morning (Nov. 18), a few miles northeast of Hollywood, you could assign an actual physical dimension — about 400 yards — separating would-be stars […]

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