New Reality Dog Show on Animal Planet

Animal Planet has jumped into thereality game with the launch of DOG DAYS. Watch the cast use thier dogs to meet strangers in NY. You can visit the homepage

The Osbournes returns to MTV in November

MTV has set Nov. 26 as the premiere date for the second season of its reality hit The Osbournes
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New Show in the works on FOX : Married by America

HOLLYWOOD (Variety) - Take “American Idol,” add a bit of “The Bachelor” and sprinkle in the arranged marriage element of “Monsoon Wedding” — and you’ve got the idea behind Fox’s next big reality franchise.
The network is developing “Married by America,” a weekly reality series that will search for folks hungry to get hitched — […]

New Reality show coming soon ; THE WILL

LOS ANGELES (AP) - The same guy who came up with “The Bachelor” and “Who Wants to Marry a Multi-Millionaire?” has created another wild reality show.
Variety reports that the new show is called “The Will.” The show’s premise is that a wealthy benefactor will ask his friends and family to compete to win the […]

VH1 pulls plug on Liza Minnelli reality show

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - She’s a leading light of Broadway, a cult figure for her millions of fans worldwide and an award-winning performer — but Liza Minnelli (news) won’t be opening her kitchen for TV viewers after all.
Cable music network VH1 said Wednesday it has pulled the plug on a planned reality series featuring […]

Shii Ann Huang voted off Survivor

On night 21, after an eye-opening Tribal Council, Shii Ann Huang, the 28-year-old executive recruiter from New York City, was voted out of the Sook Jai tribe

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