Casting Call for new show: MARRIED BY AMERICA

We don’t know much about this show but it is posted on the homepage from the production company that brought you Temptation Island. All that is posted in a phone number. You can visit the homepage here

Married By America

For more information about this show please call us

toll free at 1-800-616-1427.
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Casting call for new reality show: NON STOP

From the production company that brought you Temptation Island comes a new reality show called NON STOP: A true test of both physical and mental stamina, couples will compete in a 7-Day “perpetual motion endurance challenge,” in this new reality-based series for a major network.


REALITY TV has been very kind to “American Idol” creator Simon Fuller. Between “Idol” and its predecessor, Britain’s “Pop Idol,” Fuller (who also invented The Spice Girls) has earned about $45 million since last year, according to London’s Sunday Times

Ozzy is ‘back on the bottle’

Reality TV star Ozzy Osbourne is back on the bottle, according to his ailing wife Sharon.
In an interview for US television tomorrow, she says the pressures of dealing with her cancer have pushed the heavy metal star off the wagon.

Celebrity reality shows can’t get off the ground

The torch may have been extinguished on a celeb ”Survivor” (never more than a fantasy) and on the all-star ”Big Brother” originally set for this month. ”We weren’t able to land the talent we’d hoped for,” says CBS prez Leslie Moonves…

Survivor’s Shii Ann Reveals Crush!

Huang confesses that she harbored secret fantasies of her own. “I had a huge crush on Papa Jake,” she reveals. “He’s quite possibly the sexiest male player in Sook Jai. He’s got that Sean Connery thing going for him.”

Dont miss the special 90min hour Fear Factor tonight!

Fear Factor contestants have been through some crazy stunts on this show but nothing quite prepared them for our dreaded Scorpion Pit….

Quitting Time for The Osbournes?

And Sharon Osbourne’s answer to that would be an unequivocal “yes,” as the matriarch of TV’s most infamous reality family tells 20/20’s Barbara Walters that she and her heavy-metal brood won’t do a third season of their popular MTV show, because the cameras have become too intrusive..

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