Casting Call for all Frats and sorority’s! MTV wants you

Attention All Greeks!
MTV is looking for the next sorority and fraternity to be featured in ‘Sorority Life’ and the upcoming ‘Fraternity Life.’ Is your chapter interested in being part of an amazing experience? Do you and your brothers or sisters want a semester that you will remember for a lifetime?

Bachelor’ from the bachelor’s viewpoint

Aaron Buerge is telling “The Bachelor” story from his point of view during special episodes of the show airing this week on the ABC Family channel.
The special episodes began Sunday night and will continue through Saturday, basically reviewing the entire season of “The Bachelor” in a week’s time. Check local listings for the times the […]

Say it isn’t so, ‘Joe’

Who is worse, the woman who seeks out a rich man to fall in love with, or the poor man who seduces that woman with false claims to immense fortune? That’s about as deep as the philosophical questions get on Joe Millionaire, the distasteful new reality show from Fox that debuts Jan. 6. It’s not […]

‘Fear Factor’ Heads To Vegas

NBC’s stunt show “Fear Factor” will leave California for the first time in January to tape an episode in the neon glow of Las Vegas. In addition, the public will be allowed to watch the taping of two stunts for the first time in the show’s history. The 90-minute episode is scheduled to air sometime […]

Steve-O: Jackass in the Flesh, and Blood

In show business terms, Steve-O didn’t break a leg at the 9:30 club on Sunday. He did, however, break a light bulb over his head, and chew on a shard of the glass until blood from his tongue poured over his pale torso.
Steve-O, born Stephen Glover, is the lead performer in the “Don’t Try This […]

Reality TV rules; sitcoms disappoint

It was a year of change and shifting attitudes in television.
Reality TV, thought to be down for the count after Sept. 11’s jolt of true reality, made a startling comeback. The networks, struggling to figure out what audiences wanted after Sept. 11, came up with old-fashioned family comedies and formulaic crime dramas. (Most, especially the […]

CBS Leads Thanks to Survivor

CBS has opened up a lead on NBC in the 13th week of the TV season, on the strength of new episodes and the Survivor: Thailand finale.
For the primetime week ended Dec. 22, CBS received an 8.2 rating and a 14 share to place it well ahead of the its competitors in total household […]

ABC casting Call for new show :The Swap

Have you ever dreamed of living a completely different life? Imagine swapping lives with a total stranger for 2 weeks…
Could you for 2 weeks play the role of wife and mother to an entirely new family? Suppose your wife left, and another woman stepped in to take her place? Can you imagine another woman moving […]

‘American Idol’host challenges his idol on New Year’s Eve

“American Idol”host Ryan Seacrest is betting a swank casino setting can help him steal some New Year’s Eve viewers away from his idol _ Dick Clark.
The always-supportive Fox TV talent show host and Los Angeles radio DJ is hosting a New Year’s television concert special in Las Vegas that pits him _ and Sin City […]

New Show from MTV: Sex in the Itty Bitty City

Producer Craig D’Entrone says the new series is also looking at the towns of Hope, Arkansas, and Columbus, Mississippi. He says the series will have a “Sex in the City” feel, but will focus on real life in a small town and will be called “Sex in the Itty Bitty City.”
D’Entrone says the hour-long series […]

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