Marines Support ‘American Idol’ Soldier

LOS ANGELES - The U.S. Marines are saluting a singing soldier’s appearance on the new season of the Fox talent show “American Idol.”
Lance Cpl. Joshua Gracin, 21, is assigned to 1st Maintenance Battalion, 1st Force Service Support Group at Camp Pendleton in Southern California.
He appeared on the program last week in an audition […]

America’s Reality-TV Addiction

Reality TV is hooking an über-demographic beyond Madison Avenue’s wildest dreams: It includes both NPR listeners and NRA members, Prada PhDs and Blatz-swillers in Wranglers, greeters at Wal-Mart and professionals who can decipher Alan Greenspan-speak. This wide viewer pool — and the endless post-show analysis that goes on at dinner parties, in green rooms, at […]

Survivor auditions come to Canada: But Canadians need not apply

Canada’s most popular show is coming to Canada — but Canadians aren’t welcome.
Detroit-area auditions for Survivor VII, the next installment of the hit reality adventure show, take place today at Casino Windsor. The first 200 applicants will be interviewed live, though any eligible candidate can drop off a brief, home-made..

‘Joe Millionaire’ Finalist All Tied Up

This might up the chances of “Joe Millionaire” ending in a tie.
First there were the tantalizing photos of Evan Marriott from his days as a catalog underwear model — and now comes a new revelation about one of his “Joe Millionaire” finalists, Sarah Kozer.
Turns out the Los Angeles resident, 29, initially described by […]

Birthday ‘Bachelorette’ Gets What She Wants

With only four guys left, it’s time for Trista to visit her suitors’ hometowns and meet the families. The basic outline of every date is the same — cheerful meeting, a little sightseeing, Trista and the guy kiss, relatives ask some semi-probing questions. Each one, however, has its distinct moments, which we will take in […]

Joe Millionaire” finalist starred in bondage and fetish flicks

One of the trio of “Joe Millionaire” finalists has starred in dozens of kinky bondage and fetish films that feature her being handcuffed, gagged, hog-tied, or bound with duct tape, The Smoking Gun has learned.
While Fox Television has described Sarah Kozer’s occupation as “sales and design,” the 29-year-old Los Angeles woman has a far more […]

It hasn’t been a bad month for Trista Rehn

It hasn’t been a bad month for Trista Rehn. Now, the Bachelorette is telling only “Extra” about her final four. She says, “None of them were bad kissers.”
And she should know. Last week, she smooched in the sky with Russ, got cheeky with Charlie at dinner, locked lips in the limo with Ryan, and […]

Reality TV beating the life out of ABC dramas

Take a moment from your contemplation of the ultimate in reality TV to consider something a little more frightening: the fate of the drama series on network television.
They may not seem like an endangered species right now, but TV dramas are on the ropes on at least one network.
ABC canceled every new drama it debuted […]

It was the steamiest “Joe Millionaire” yet

It was the steamiest “Joe Millionaire” yet as construction worker Evan Marriott’s private pool party with Zora turned into a hot tub romp with all four curvaceous contenders. He even wandered into the woods with Sarah, taking her out of camera range, but “Joe Millionaire’s” wireless microphones left little to the public imagination.
In the […]

MTV Chief Blasts Osbournes Burnout Claims

An MTV executive has slammed claims that hit series The Osbournes is becoming a poison chalice for the network.
The second series of the hit show has seen the ratings slump from the all time high of 6.6 million viewers for the first episode to 3.5 million this month..;@#&! Tired of ‘The Osbournes’Ozzy’s magic appears to […]

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