OZZY OSBOURNE’S 17-year-old son JACK is recovering in a CALIFORNIA rehab clinic.
Jack, one of the stars of MTV’s most popular ever show, ‘The Osbournes’ is currently in the Las Encinas clinic in Pasadena. Staff there have refused to say what he is being treated for…

NBA gets into reality TV business

SECAUCUS, New Jersey (AP)—
The NBA is getting into the reality TV business. The league will chronicle the lives of 16 players - one from each of the 16 playoff teams - on and off the court during the postseason. Cameras will follow them at home, before the game and in the locker […]

‘American Idol’ down to final five contestants

We’re down to five contestants on “American Idol” (8 p.m., Fox, TV-G). That means the show will get more exciting and more annoying at the same time. Fewer contestants means more time for host Ryan Seacrest to fill with dim chatter about his hair, product plugs for corporate sponsors and shameless references to other Fox […]

Get Real with Fox News

Don’t miss a special on Reality TV and profits airing on Fox News today at 4pm EST and again at 1 am on Your World with Neil Cavuto.
When real life takes on the small screen, the networks take in big profits. But is reality television a bankable commodity, or a short-lived fantasy?
Tune in tonight […]

24/7 Reality TV coming soon!

All Reality All the Time? Wouldn’t it be great to catch those episodes of survivor, the bachelor, or Amazing Race you missed when they originally aired? What about catching up on what your favorite reality stars are up to today. How about listening to Richard Hatch discuss the thought’s he had during the […]

Ditched Bachelorette Dishes About Bachelor Run

INDIANAPOLIS — Liz Terzo appeared on her last episode of “The Bachelor” Wednesday knowing that she made a strong impression with the national audience that tuned in every week.
Of the 25 girls vying for Andrew Firestone’s attention, she made it to the top six but was one of two who didn’t receive a rose […]

Australia: Reality TV beats real life drama

Viewers prefer reality TV to real life drama
More than 2.2 million viewers tuned into the camera-infested Gold Coast house to launch Channel Ten’s latest series of Big Brother to victory in the much hyped ratings battle with Channel Nine’s 60 Minutes.
Big Brother 3 was a viewer magnet in all capital cities and lifted […]

The Real Cancun is Real Bad

Looks like the opening day for Bunim Murray’s (creators of tThe Real World) foray into taking reality onto the big screen was a Real Bad Idea based up critics and user reviews. It scored 1 1/2 stars of a possible 5 star rating on Yahoo and a peek and the message boards shows that […]

Top Model Search starts May 20th on UPN

Created by world-renowned supermodel Tyra Banks, who executive produced the series with Ken Mok, AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL chronicles the transformation of everyday young women into potentially fierce supermodels. Check out the website with cast photo’s

WWE Tough Enough In Serious Jeopardy Of Being Cancelled

WWE.com has removed the link to the Tough Enough website and ToughEnough.com now redirects to WWE.com.
Many people close to MTV have gone on record as saying the station may not air another season of WWE Tough Enough. The feeling right now is that the product is not hip anymore which led to MTV

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