‘Joe Schmo’ Turns Reality TV on Ear with Twist

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - It sounded like the ideal job for a college dropout-turned-pizza deliveryman in today’s America: go on a reality TV show, live in a fancy house, spend time with good-looking women and vie for the chance to win a lot of money and national fame.

Politicians new face of reality TV

A new reality series in France will spotlight the daily routine of French families with a live-in government offical in tow. Not scheduled to launch until October, the series is already sparking debate in French political circles.

Fox ‘Playing With Fire’ on Temptation Island, TV Watchdog Says

Fox Entertainment calls Temptation Island 3 a reality-based show aimed at a mature TV audience that features informed adults who explore boy-girl relationships.
But one media watchdog group calls it “exploitive” and “mean-spirited” and cautions that playing with people’s emotions, as depicted in the program, could lead to violent and potentially life-threatening behavior

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