Paris Hilton learns there’s nothing `Simple’ about real life

Paris Hilton? Oh. My. God. Everybody’s talking about that sex video, but they don’t even know the horrors she endured while taping her new Fox reality show, “The Simple Life.”
Like finding a tick in her bed. Or discovering that fried chicken comes from - dead chickens! Or grocery shopping on a budget. But […]

Dax Shepard and Al from PUNKD move into movies

BLOOD BROTHERS: “Punk’d” stars Dax Shepard and Al Shearer have graduated from their prankster ways on Ashton Kutcher’s MTV series and are getting into the movie business. The duo have set up an untitled project based on their own idea, sources confirmed. In it..

Reality shows highlight the ritzy, glitzy, and comically ditzy

Clueless, wealthy young women emerge as new prime-time stars. Or at least that’s how it appears on a TV screen near you, which is featuring a very visible posse of young women flaunting string bean-lean bodies, pea brains, and fat wallets. For this pack of TV figurines, which includes Jessica Simpson, Paris Hilton, and the […]

Advertisers cash in on reality series

the new face of reality television could change all that. Product placement deals are putting sponsors right in the middle of the action.
NBC’s summer reality show, The Restaurant, will feature people dining at a New York restaurant. The show will surprise patrons with big news such as a marriage proposal or a pregnancy.

Survivor Recap

John pulled off the biggest hoax every and fooled the rest of the tribe into thinking his grandmother died so that they would allow him to spend the day with his buddy and shy away from booting him.
This was hardcore, he had half of them crying and rallying around him for support. […]


APPLY TO BE A SURVIVOR In 2004 a new group of 16 Americans will experience trials and tribulations as they are eliminated one by one from yet another SURVIVOR program. The Sole Survivor will win $1,000,000!

‘Big Lie’ comes to ‘Survivor’

*** WARNING: THIS STORY MIGHT CONTAIN SPOILERS *** Though nobody is sure who takes home the million dollar prize, there is one ‘Survivor’ mystery that will finally be solved tonight. Since the very beginning of the ‘Survivor: Pearl Islands’ series, fans have puzzled and puzzled over a riddle unlike any other on the popular reality […]

NBC goes for second Average

LOS ANGELES — Average Joes everywhere are celebrating. NBC says it will premiere a second edition of its reality show Average Joe soon after the current series ends. “We thought we had something special there, and we put a second cycle..

Rape alleged at Real World house in San Diego

SAN DIEGO — Police said Tuesday they are investigating a woman’s allegations that she was raped in the oceanfront home where MTV is filming the latest season of its “Real World” reality program. The 22-year-old woman, who is not a cast member of the television show, said she believes she was assaulted while unconscious by […]

New photos of Tara Gerard and Estella Gardinier added

We have added new photos of Estella Gardinier from the Bachelor and Tara Gerard of FOX’s summer hit Paradise hotel. Check out our Photo Gallery HERE to view photos.

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