UK Reality news: Reality TV show planned for pubs

A new show, featuring four sets of licensees and a pub, will go out on BBC2 in prime-time slot next spring. Programme makers will give couples a month each in the pub, with hidden cameras recording 24 hours-a-day, seven days-a-week.
TV cameras will record the couples’ high and lows as they try and make a […]

Trista and Ryan’s Wedding airs Nov 26th : PHOTOS ONLINE

TRISTA AND RYAN’S WEDDING — When Trista Rehn and Ryan Sutter exchange wedding vows on their televised wedding extravaganza, their love will be plentiful, but so will their surroundings. From the wedding planner to the florist to the designers and the wedding cake, Trista and Ryan will enjoy the best of the best.FULL STORY HERE […]

About Bob Guiney, The Bachelor

Be prepared for unexpected adversity. Bob was once a college backup quarterback. Thus, as he explains, many people assumed that the world was laid out before him — a banquet for the taking, as it traditionally is for college backup quarterbacks. Even better, he married a woman named Jennifer who loved him FULL STORY

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Spoilers for all-star Survivor

Right now, the mill is churning out precious grains of gossip on next year’s “all-star” edition of CBS’s veteran reality series. reports that Survivor 8 is filming this month in Panama’s Pearl Islands — again. It also claims to have confirmed 17 of the 18-member cast for the show:
Rudy Boesch, Richard Hatch, Susan […]

‘Celebrity Pop Idol’ in the works

Plans for a celebrity version of Pop Idol are underway in the UK, according to The Sun today.
Simon Cowell confirmed to the newspaper that he would be judging on the special, due to air next May after he finishes working on American Idol 3.
“ITV have spoken about doing this for ages. We should have done […]

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