Quick Survivor Pearl Isalnd Update: Ryan Booted

…and the 8th person kciked off Survivor is…Ryan.
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Reality TV Casting Call : The Complex

FOX has begun casting to find couples who have a flair for style, an eye for detail and the know-how for what it takes for the best in home improvement. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime chance for people to work with the person they love and make some money too.
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Despite ouster, “Survivor” Pearl Island family will watch TV

Heather Savage will have a different objective tonight when she tunes in to “Survivor” and begins rooting against the contestant who successfully conspired to exile her brother from the Pearl Islands last week.
“Now it’s personal. I want her to get voted off as soon as possible,” said Savage MORE
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Merging of tribes is break for castoffs

Leave it to the producers of “Survivor: Pearl Islands” to send two losers back into the game — and then combine the Drake and Morgan tribes into the new Balboa Tribe. Lillian Morris and Burton Roberts got a lucky break when their team of castoffs beat Drake FULL STORY

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Average guys are all the rage on TV now

It’s a good time for average Joes. And Joe Schmo. Take Survivor: Pearl Islands, where Rupert Boneham’s semi-flabby, bearded self has become an audience favorite, at least for now…NBC is working hard to convince critics that there’s an audience for Average Joe, its series about a professional cheerleader trying to find a love match among […]

Reality TV casting call turns to ‘Starting Over’ point for woman

On a whim last spring, Maureen Goodman of Niles decided to participate in a casting call for a new reality TV show to be taped in Chicago.
It didn’t feature a stunning bachelor or a million-dollar cash prize. Eating insects wasn’t required.
The show did, however, end up changing Goodman’s life. MORE
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