Paris Hilton’s new show: No. 2

NEW YORK (CNN/Money) - Paris Hilton’s Internet infamy was enough to help draw viewers to Fox Tuesday night, but not enough to give her new reality show a win in its time slot.
Paris Hilton in a scene from the debut episode of “The Simple Life.”
Hilton, an heir of the family that founded and […]

Original ‘Millionaire’ Marriott Turns Game Show Host

LOS ANGELES ( - Sorry David Smith. There’s only one real Reality TV “Joe Millionaire” and he’s branching into the lucrative world of game show hosting. Evan Marriott has signed on to host “Fake-A-Date,” a new relationship show for the Game Show Network. Click READ MORE to the right for full story.

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Trista Slapped with Wedding Suit

This is one wedding offering Trista Rehn won’t be able to return after the ceremony. The Bachelorette’s former manager has slapped the bride-to-be with a lawsuit demanding his cut of the $1 million wedding booty he allegedly negotiated with ABC.

Veteran TV Executive Joins Reality Channel

LOS ANGELES - Veteran television executive Kay Koplovitz will help steer a new cable channel focusing on the reality TV genre.
Koplovitz was named chairman of the board of directors for Reality Central, which was announced last spring and is set to launch in mid-2004.
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Contestants are needed for CBS’ ‘Survivor 9′

CBS has started taking applications for 16 contestants for “Survivor’s” ninth edition. It will air in fall 2004; its location hasn’t been announced yet. Applicants must submit a three-minute videotape explaining why he or she would make a good contestant.
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UK: New reality TV show for aspiring West End stars

Budding singers have the chance to tread the boards of the West End in a new reality television show. The new series, called Musicality, will follow a nationwide search to find an undiscovered singing talent, reports Teletext. The winner will land the opportunity to appear - for one night only - in a West End […]

Paris Hilton’s Sexy Wal-Mart

Reality television has taught us how little some celebrities know. Whether it’s Jessica Simpson’s surprise to find out that buffalo wings don’t come from buffaloes or that Anna Nicole Smith is oblivious to just about everything around her, last night’s premiere of The Simple Life provided another nugget of star-studded ignorance.

Second ‘Average Joe’ heads to Hawaii

For the second incarnation of “Average Joe,” NBC decided it wanted a little more of everything.
When “Average Joe: Hawaii” debuts Jan. 5, viewers will see a more exotic location than the first show’s Palm Springs digs, more aesthetically imperfect Joes vying for one beauty’s affection and, a few episodes in, more male hotties brought in […]

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