Adam and Meg Drop out - Jackson and Monica win 1 million

Who would have thought that after 7 weeks and eliminating 6 other couples Adam and Meg would call it quits before the final 1 million dollars stunt. The couple that lead the teams in winnings couldn’t get past the final elimination stunt.

After Meg watched as Meghan and Monica were strapped down and covered with 500 tarantulas she couldn’t force herself to tackle the final challenge and called it quits.

Jackson and Monica won that round and were given the chance to either go first or second in the final 1 million dollars stunt. Somehow Meghan and James had squeaked by each challenge over the 7 weeks and found themselves staring a possible 1 million life altering challenge in the face.

The Fear Factor 1 million dollar final challenge went like this: one member of the couple was to jump off a moving boat, the other drop from a helicopter, swim to meet other, unlock handcuffs and swim to the finish line.

It proved to stressful for James, had he taken a key off his wrist to unlock Megan from the handcuffs those 15 seconds would have earned him 500,000.

With a finishing of 1:09 Jackson and Monica beat James and Meghan’s 1:21.6 and they walked away with 1 million dollars, even Joe Rogan’s eyes teared up a bit in this final fear Factor challenge.

Jackson and Monica, winner Fear Factor Couples

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