Omarosa vs. Ereka Ventrini

Omarosa was kicked off The Apprentice last week but that hasn’t stopped the verbal assault against cast member Ereka Ventrini. Omarosa told the New York Post that a fellow contestant dropped the “N” bomb on her during the show and NBC edited it out. NBC has denied that the incident occurred.
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Tonight on FOX - Who Is Gay And Who Is Straight?

This Friday, March 12, you finally have the chance to meet the men who are playing it straight in FOX’s hot new reality show, PLAYING IT STRAIGHT….

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A four-part series starring Adam Mesh who was runner-up for the heart of “Average Joe” beauty Melana Scantlin in the original series. Nearly 20 million people watched as Adam Mesh had his heart broken in the dramatic season finale…

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Colby Gets Shredded

PEARL ISLANDS (CBS) Alliances and double-crossings abounded on “Survivor All-Stars. After a close defeat in a combo reward-immunity challenge, Mogo Mogo faced tribal council. It came down to a tie between Jerri and Colby.
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