Episode one recap of “The Complex: Malibu”

One Very Complex Situation “The Complex Malibu” Episode o­ne Recap By Diana Kaaha 8/31/2004 Eight real-life couples must transform a rundown, ramshackle apartment building into a buyers’ dream in seven weeks. The final couple wins the profits from the public auction sale of all the apartments. The rest go home empty-handed.
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Five Team Battle Elimination on their way to New Zealand on next weeks “The Amazing Race”

Five Team Battle Elimination o­n Their Way To New Zealand o­n Next Weeks “The Amazing Race”“They're Screwing The Helmet To My Head - It Can't Be Good” — The race continues from the chaos of India to the lushness of New Zealand, o­n THE AMAZING RACE 5, Tuesday, Sept. 7 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) o­n the […]

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