The Bachelor Episode One Recap

The Bachelor Episode o­ne Recap
By Laura Aychman

ABC’s Bachelor has a few changes in store this season. It all begins with Chris walking throughout the mansion reminiscing about previous shows and their outcomes. He then talks of the changes this season. o­ne very big change which I mention later and the most obvious from all the previews; this season, the ladies will choose their bachelor. 

All twenty –five women arrive at the mansion via limo and are very excited to find out that all of them will move into the mansion that night. Chris tells them to get comfortable and there is a party by the pool for them. As they laze by the pool and speculate about the journey before them, the women are unaware that a few feet away in the pool house, two men have been watching them o­n hidden camera. Jay, an entrepreneur, from New York and Byron, a pro-fisherman, from Nevada. While each of these gentlemen has found a degree of success in life, they could not be more different.
Jay has a tight almost military haircut with graying around the temples and is dressed all in black despite the heat. He lives in New York after selling his business in Chicago. He plans to take his wealth to the next level in Real Estate and likes to travel internationally. Byron, o­n the other hand, has a longer hair style almost to his chin which he pushes back behind his ears and is wearing cargo shorts and an un-tucked shirt. He grew up in California but now lives in Nevada when he is not o­n tour fishing. Although he toyed with becoming a lawyer, Byron loves to fish and spends his days out o­n the river. He enjoys the serenity and states he could not live in a big city.
Chris arrives poolside and announces to the ladies that they will meet the bachelor right now. Some of the women are upset that they aren’t wearing makeup and that their hair isn’t done. The self consciousness disappears when they realize that there are two men and they will get to choose their bachelor. The remainder of the day is spent with the men mingling and selling themselves to the ladies. Chris comes to get the men stating they will return that evening for the first ever Ladies Choice Rose Ceremony.
After the men depart, the women begin to discuss them and how different they are. Lifestyle seems to be the issue. What type of lifestyle are these women looking for? This season the women are older. The youngest is 27 and the oldest 39. All seem to be “ready for marriage” except for Krysta. She wants a man who can take her to “fine restaurants and order a bottle of wine – not just pick the cheapest bottle.” She talks of playing the game and out manipulating everyone else to win.
When the men return, Chris explains that each man has a color of rose for him. Jay, again dressed all in black, will have yellow roses while Byron, in a brown suit with blue shirt and gold tie, will have white roses. Looking at their appearance, o­ne can see the different personalities these men have. They must turn their backs to the ladies while the ladies choose what color rose they prefer and place it in the rose box in front of the bachelor of their choice. When Chris counts the roses, Jay gets seven, but Byron has already reached lucky 13. The remaining roses are not counted. Jay leaves seeming unemotional yet in the limo speaks of the struggle as to why he wasn’t chosen and how he is not used to losing. Byron and the women toast his victory.
Day two is a bit more intense as the power shifts and the women must now sell themselves. The ladies who had chosen Jay are a bit nervous. Byron has to eliminate ten women. Will he just take those seven and say “See ya?” Others have heard that their choices will be revealed to Byron as a way to get them eliminated. Krysta, who made no bones about the fact that her choice was Jay because she is a high maintenance woman, begins to shift gears and play up to Byron. She begins to talk trash about some of the other women and how she is a better dresser and has more style than anyone there. She is certain she will get a rose.
During the cocktail party, the ladies anxiously await Byron’s arrival. When he does arrive, he shocks them all by saying that the votes do not matter. It is a new beginning and he doesn’t hold anything against those that voted for Jay. Earlier, Byron had admitted that although he would like children, he would marry a woman who did not if she was the love of his life. At the cocktail party women are trying to get some alone time with Byron. He seems to be constantly o­n the move in order to talk with all of them.  Andrea, a 33 year old hygienist, breaks down in tears because she is so taken with him. She watches his conversations with the other women and when it is her chance to talk to him, she offers him a piece of strawberry which she compares to her heart.
Krysta begins to talk trash about Kristie, a bar owner, to some of the other girls who quickly tell her they need to knock her down a few notches and she shouldn’t talk nasty about the others just to talk trash. Later in an interview, Krysta unloads her anger at these women who “crossed her” and tells of how she can become a bitch and will sit with these women and play nice because she is a manipulator and she will win.
Byron must now decide who stays and who goes. The ladies wait outside, When Byron comes out he states that he is looking for the woman he will spend his life with and if he offers a rose and someone can not see themselves with him, then he asks she decline the rose and give someone else the opportunity. His first choice is Cherese who he previously mentioned was beautiful. The women he selects range in age from 27, Amanda to 37, Jayne. When the women arrived, Byron had to Jay that Jayne was his favorite. During the cocktail party he realized she is somewhat shy and he really needs to get to know her better. Much to everyone’s dislike, Krysta receives a rose as does Kristie. Some of the women leaving are teary-eyed. Others just seem to bolt out of the house.
The big change this season comes at the final rose ceremony. The Bachelor will propose marriage or he will have to walk away alone. This seems to put a lot more pressure o­n Byron to make the right choices.
Next week: Byron moves into the ladies mansion and all hell breaks loose. The women are sneaking off to see him in the dead of night, the dance for him (and o­n him). Previews of upcoming shows depict some very emotional women with o­ne disappearing near the pool. Byron is heard saying he hopes there is light at the end of this because he is in a very dark place.


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