The Bachelor Episode 2 Recap

The Bachelor Episode 2 Recap…..Next Week Byron Goes o­n A Mystery Date.
By Laura Aychman

This week’s Bachelor had a few surprises.  The first of which was that Byron would be living with the ladies. He and his dog, Sabrina, moved into the guest house o­n the property. Chris explains that with this first ever situation, there are no rules. Anything goes. Krysta states that she will do “whatever it takes.” Jayne seems relieved he will be living with them because the thought of actually dating him makes her nervous. The second surprise is that there will be no group dates o­nly two o­ne-on-one dates and Byron will pick those ladies himself.

Three of the ladies help Byron get settled in the guest house. At some point, he asks Kelly for some o­ne-on-one time outside. She is happy to oblige and they go outside. Kristie is put off that Kelly gets this o­ne-on-one time because she knows that Kelly had voted for Jay.
Byron writes out an invitation for the first o­ne-on-one date and leaves it by the podium. Krysta, hoping her name is o­n the envelope, hightails it over to get it. When the date goes to Cherese, Krysta says she feels as if she has been punched in the gut and wonders how could she have failed to impress him enough to give her the date.
Cherese and Byron go to a club where Brandy and four of her dancers perform for them. Byron states that the conversation came easily and talking with her feels natural. Meanwhile back at the mansion, Krysta is “cooking” for the other women in a thong and an apron. o­ne of the girls comments that she seems to be doing some outrageous things to draw attention to herself. Before going to bed, Kristie leaves a note and three roses for Byron by the guesthouse door. Later, Krysta decides to leave a note as well. When she sees the other note with roses, she goes off and brings back two bouquets of flowers that she leaves with her note. Kristie watches from the balcony and is angered that Krysta tried to o­ne-up her.
Byron ends his date with Cherese with hugs and kisses. When he returns to the guesthouse and finds the notes, he realizes that his living o­n the premises could really complicate things.
Krysta and Kristie “talk” about how Krysta’s actions upset Kristie. Naturally, Krysta states she had no idea who left the note and that it is a free world and she can do as wants. She further rants that Kristie needs to grow-up.  Leina confides to Amanda that she is not “feeling the love.” She explains that her heart is elsewhere and she is thinking of leaving.
Jayne is awarded the second o­ne-on-one date. Byron takes her fishing in an attempt to see how she would fit in his world. Although nervous at first, Jayne has a good time and enjoys fishing. She catches her first fish and when Byron tells her to, she kisses the fish before he releases it. Watching her fall in love with fishing is a dream date for Byron. He cooks them dinner and they talk of her shyness and how that could effect their situation. Jayne states that in her previous relationships, she has always been pursued because it is not her nature to go after someone.
Back at the mansion, Leina tells the others that she is leaving. She leaves a note for Byron, packs her things and goes. This means Byron will o­nly need to eliminate four girls so some of the women are relieved she is gone. When Byron returns from his date, he finds the note from Leina and thinks the Lai she left him is really cool.
The following evening is a rose ceremony and the women are sitting around waiting for Byron to come over so they can start the cocktail party. Chris goes to Byron and informs him that since he is living with the women and has had more access to get to know them, there will be no party before the Rose Ceremony. Chris does offer Byron the opportunity to choose three women to have a chat with prior to the ceremony. He chooses Natalie, Jayne and Kristie.
Byron explains his reason for meeting with Natalie is to find out where she is in the whole process and she explains that she is a bit concerned that he has been married before. He later confesses in an interview that he was not feeling a connection to her.
He meets with Jayne to ask how she feels about him. He knows the type of person she is, but needs to know what she is feeling. Again she states her shyness is difficult and that although she is interested, she would need him to make the first move.
Krysta voices concern that Kristie will say bad things about her to Byron and turn him against her. Kristie spends her time with Byron selling herself into every aspect of his life; she fished with her brother, she’d like to learn to ride a Harley, etc. This over zealous selling has Byron concerned. While Byron is meeting with these three, Andrea gets teary-eyed and tells the women that she fears she is going to be sent home.
At the Rose Ceremony, the four Byron sends home are Natalie, Kelly, Ashley and Wendee. The remaining ten toast to their adventure.
NEXT WEEK: Chris tells Byron and the women that Byron will be going o­n a mystery date with a mystery person. That mystery person turns out to be two women who after the date will eventually move in to the mansion. The other women are not pleased. Just who are these women and what is their interest in Byron?


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