Bachelor Episode 3 Recap

The Bachelor Episode 3 Recap
Laura Aychman

This week’s Bachelor starts off with Byron writing out an invitation to a woman he would like to get to know better. Naturally, Krysta is first to observe the envelope which has Andrea’s name o­n it. Jayne is bothered by Byron’s choice stating that she and Andrea are so different. Jayne goes to the guest house to confront Byron and begins by saying that the girls are having a hard time figuring out what he is looking for. She later admits that she doesn’t want to compete and has a hard time accepting that he is having physical contact with the other women. Byron and Jayne share their first kiss and he tells her that he is glad she is here and that he really feels something special for her.

Later that evening, Andrea and Byron go out to share an exhilarating plane ride at sunset. Andrea has been straightforward in her feelings for Byron and does not hold back. After the plane ride, they share dinner and kisses in the hangar. More kisses are shared with dessert. In interviews, Byron admits that he is interested in Andrea and she admits that she believes they are both excited about the chance that whatever is between them could be right.
While Byron and Andrea are out, the girls sit down and agree to talk “openly and honestly” about their feelings for Byron. They agree that they can not tell where they stand with Byron because they don’t know what his interactions have been with the other women. 
Early the next day, Cynthia, Cherese and Krysta talk about the upcoming o­ne-on o­ne date. Cynthia feels she needs it because Byron does not really know who she is. Cherese finds comfort in the fact that Byron has been married before and therefore is not afraid to commit. Krysta voices irritation that Jayne spent alone time with Byron before his date and that she wants the second o­ne-on-one date really bad.
Chris arrives and calls everyone into the living room. He blindsides them with the announcement that the second o­ne-on-one date will not be with anyone in the house. It is a mystery date, but he does tell the women that after Byron leaves, they will receive a videotape with clues as to who the mystery date is.
The women in the house begin to speculate o­n who it could be. Elizabeth wonders if it was someone who had previously been sent home. Others think it might be a woman from Byron’s past. Either way, this surprise has all the girls o­n edge. Byron admits to being disappointed that he will not get to spend time with any of the ladies in the house, but hopes that this mystery date will help him o­n his quest to find the woman he plans to spend his life with.
When the tape arrives, Krysta is first to get it. The women gather around the VCR and are shocked at what they see. The tape begins with an interview with Heather from season two. Heather fell hard for Aaron and left the house broken hearted. The second person o­n the tape is Mary from season four. Mary wanted to marry Bachelor Bob and have a family right away, but Bob wasn’t really for that. While viewing the tape, all the women seem speechless except for Krysta who begins to talk trash almost immediately. Andrea sees these two women as obstacles because she believes that she will marry Byron. Cherese states that these women are game-players and have been through this before. Krysta replies, “game o­n.”
Meanwhile, Byron awaits the identity of his mystery date. He is shocked when two beautiful women emerge from the elevator and he has no idea who they are. After introductions, Byron admits that he thought the date would be his family, friends or allies. Heather pulls Byron aside to talk and admits she came back because she saw it as a second chance at love. Mary and Byron go up to the rooftop and Byron feels an instantaneous connection. He is surprised that Mary is not married and she explains that she will not settle. She is happy with all aspects of her life, but the o­nly thing missing is a family. She asks Byron if he wants a family and he tells of fishermen who dock their boats and come home to their kids. He believes those men are lucky and he wants that too. Mary later admits she is intrigued by Byron.
As Byron, Mary and Heather head back to the house, Mary and Heather admit they are nervous. Some of the women in the house stayed up late to give the new girls a hard time. Surprised that the women are still up, Krysta explains that they were waiting for their boyfriend to get home. Heather and Mary, feeling really uncomfortable, retreat to their room to get away from the tense situation. Downstairs Krysta is mockingly imitating Heather. Andrea says that in the video, Heather looked like a slut and Mary seemed more traditional.
The next day, Byron comes out to the pool to spend some time with the ladies. He is immediately surrounded and Krysta states that the other women coming in really bothered everyone else. Andrea whispers that these two new girls are not his type. Byron states in an interview, that he will not make assumptions based o­n what anyone else says. He has to be true to himself.
Prior to the rose ceremony, Chris again offers Byron the opportunity to talk with three of the women. Byron chooses Susie, Heather and Cherese. Susie tells Byron that she feels uncertain because she hasn’t felt anything from him and she doesn’t want him to think her reservation is due to lack of interest o­n her part. Heather is nervous but views the meeting as a good sign. Cherese admits to being nervous as well because she hasn’t had any time with Byron since their first date. When she does get to Byron, he asks her where she has been and if she has even tried to find him or has she been hiding. Krysta and Elizabeth who have been watching speculate that Cherese’s talk did not go well. In an interview, Byron admits that the strong connection he felt for Cherese has dissipated through the course of everything.
Kristie says she’d be angry if Byron offered a rose to either Heather or Mary because that is a rose that could have gone to her. Byron begins the ceremony asking that if someone is not having true feelings, to please reject his rose. His choices are: Andrea, Jayne, Elizabeth, Cherese (who plays coy as if deciding whether to accept the rose - based o­n his facial expression, Byron didn’t enjoy her little act), Tanya, Mary (from season 4), Cynthia and Krysta. Those asked to leave were; Heather (from season 2), Susie, Amanda and Kristie.
Heather states it was really hard to come back, but she wanted to be open to a chance at love. Amanda says she wasn’t aggressive enough in letting Byron know her or how she felt about him. Kristie says she feels she and Byron should have been together because they have so many things in common.
NEXT WEEK: Byron is in for a wild slumber party that explodes with drama as the women pull out all the stops to get a rose. There are o­nly eight women left and two of them are going home.


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