The Bachelor Episode 4 Recap

The Bachelor Episode 4 Recap

This week’s Bachelor begins with Cynthia making a large pitcher of Sangria to share with Byron. Sitting outside the pool house, she explains that she wants to get to know him in a non-competitive way. She further explains that she is not shy nor is she overbearing and manipulative. She believes things should happen naturally. Byron agrees and thanks her for coming over.

Later Byron fills out an invitation card and leaves it at the podium. Cheresse retrieves the envelope and announces that Tanya will have the next 1:1 date with Byron. In an interview, Jayne says it is hard to watch someone you care about share quality time with other people. Tanya admits to being nervous prior to the date. As she and Byron exit the house and walk up to a red sportscar, Byron tells her they are going to cruise around Newport Beach. As they head towards the pier, Byron floors it and they drive right into the water creating a huge wave of water that comes into the car and soaks them. Rather than be angry, Tanya laughs it off and confesses she is looking for someone she can have fun with. As they drive into the sunset, Byron points out places he has fished. At dinner, Byron asks Tanya what her type is. She replies that she is really trying not to be judgmental and she is looking for someone she can mesh with. While kissing o­n the couch, Byron asks Tanya what their next date will be like. He later tells the cameras that Tanya has grown in his eyes.
As Tanya and Byron are out o­n their date, the women of the mansion sit around the living room talking about the situation. Cheresse admits to being jealous of these other women sharing quality 1:1 time with Byron. Andrea admits that since their date two days ago, she feels as if Byron has not called her and she is angry with him. Andrea pipes up that she is in love with Byron. This confession has Cynthia mystified. As the women are discussing whether Andrea will tell Byron how she feels, he and Tanya return from their date. From the living room, the women can hear quite a bit of kissing going o­n. Jayne says she feels weird being there. Tanya heads upstairs to go to bed and Byron heads to the pool house by way of the living room. He is surprised that the women are still awake. In an interview, he explains that he was praying there was not lipstick all over his face and he visited briefly and then got the hell out of there.
The following day, Byron asks Mary to have a massage with him. Mary tells Byron that she is attracted to him, but she doesn’t really know him. She enjoys their time together. Byron asks Mary what she is looking for and she replies, honesty, someone who loves life, and someone who loves her for her. Byron tells Mary he feels a chemistry with her. Later o­n, Byron confessed that he is overwhelmed and confused because the women are all so wonderful.
The second 1:1 date goes to Elizabeth. Byron still sees her as a question mark and he wants to find out more about her. Elizabeth is shocked when a helicopter picks them up. As they dine with the fishes, Elizabeth tells Byron that she wants to get into his head and proceeds to ask him how he reacts in certain situations. At the end of dinner, Byron tells us that Elizabeth engaged in a “husband interview” and he hopes she finds what it is she is looking for.
That evening, Byron comes to the mansion with a duffle bag full of lingerie and announces that they are going to have a slumber party. The women head upstairs to try things o­n. Some of the items are see-through. Krysta is the first to return to the living room and Byron sprays her with silly string. o­nce everyone has arrived back in the living room, Byron and Krysta spray the other girls with silly string. A game of Truth or Dare is next o­n the list and Andrea is dared to give Byron a strip tease dance. Although she does the dance, she becomes embarrassed and abruptly sits down. Byron tells the camera he was nervous with the dance, but to the women he says he enjoyed it. As the party progresses, Mary seems to be watching the festivities instead of joining in. Seeing this, Byron asks her to come outside with him. While outside, Mary tells Byron that she could fall for him, but not like this and that he should let her go. Byron tells her he would never make someone stay if they wanted to go, but that he would like her to stay. Inside the house, Jayne is angry that Byron has left and the party has fizzled. The women wait around in the living room. When Byron returns, Jayne announces that she is “done, so done.” She directs her anger at Byron asking how long the women were supposed to wait for him? She becomes sarcastic telling Byron that maybe she ought to start crying so he can come and save her.
Sensing that this is not going to turn out as planned, Byron returns to the pool house. Tanya and Jayne are over by the hot tub, when Jayne sees Krysta at the pool house door. Jayne heads over to the pool house and asks Krysta if she is going to come in the hot tub. Krysta explains that she was going to have some champagne with Byron. Jayne continues to prod as to whether they are going to come to the hot tub. She then opens the door to the pool house and enters calling Byron. She tells him if he doesn’t come out to the hot tub, “people” are going to be angry. Krysta stands outside the door dumbstruck. Byron leads Krysta to the hot-tub where he apologizes for the night turning into a weird, strange experience. Jayne shoots back that it was all his fault. She goes o­n to say that he has everyone adoring him and seeing him as a God. By his appearance, Byron looks to be seething, but he remains calm as Jayne continues o­n about how the world stopped because he chose to got off with Mary.
The next day, Jayne senses that the other women are reacting to her differently. Cheresse, Krysta, Cynthia and Tanya talk of how Jayne turned into GI Jayne and was acting psychotic. At the evenings Rose Ceremony, there are no last chance talks. Byron must send two women home. He chooses to have Mary, Tanya, Andrea, Cynthia, Cheresse and Jayne stay. Krysta and Elizabeth must go.
NEXT WEEK: As the final six women compete for Byron, tensions run high.  At some point, Jayne gets angry again and then disappears. Mary and the rest of the girls search the grounds for her fearing that she might hurt herself.


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