Apprentice 2 - Episode 12 Recap

Kelly Makes the Final Four, Sandy Steps It Up, and Andy Gets Fired  – The Apprentice Recap Episode 12By Diana Kaaha The remaining candidates are “shell-shocked” when learn that Donald fired two people in last week’s boardroom. Suddenly the intensity of the game took a step up. They sit down for dinner, and toast themselves - […]

Top Model - Tyra Recaps Previous Shows

Trya Recaps Previous Shows – America’s Next Top Model Recap – Not an official EpisodeBy Diana Kaaha Trya tells us that there o­nly five girls remain. This is not a new show, more of a recap for those who want a rundown o­n what happened this far that kept these five hopefuls still in the running […]

Rebel Billionaire Episode 4 Recap

Rebel Billionaire Episode 4 Recap - They’re Not in Kansas AnymoreBy Lisa Dicce Lions and tigers and bears—oh my!  In this episode, two contestants must survive a night in the African jungle.  The players go to Ulusaba, a gaming park where the animals roam and the adventurous people pass in cars.  Here, the creatures have brains and […]

Amazing Race 6 - Episode 2 Recap

Amazing Race Recap Episode 2 - “If you can’t find them. Grind them.”by Carol Bernard Two contestants found out the hard way that learning to drive a stick shift before going o­n the Amazing Race is a valuable skill. Ten teams remained in the second leg of the race around the world.  After a mandatory rest-period the teams […]

Now Casting “The Search For The Next Great Rock Star”

CBS casting ” The Search for the Next Great Rock Star”Sometimes in life, you get o­ne shot to prove you have real talent. That chance is about to happen to anyone willing to prove they have what it takes to be a ROCK STAR.
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The Apprentice 2 Episode 12 Teaser

The Apprentice 2 Episode 12 Teaser - Pepsi Bottle FizzleIn week 12 of this 15-week job interview, Donald Trump asks his six  remaining proteges to design a new soda bottle for Pepsi — and they  nearly go flat.
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Interview With Nicole Of America’s Next Top Model

Interview With Nicole Of America’s Next Top Model   How did you come to be o­n America’s Next Top Model? I saw o­ne of my friends applying for the show and decided that it was something I could do, so I went to the casting call waited six hours in line and from there it’s history. 
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Apprentice 2 Episode 11 Recap

Donald Shakes it Up by Firing Two – The Apprentice Recap Episode 11By Diana Kaaha The Apprentice heats up with the remaining 8 candidates vying for the coveted job with “The Donald.” As for Donald, he’s not playing games, and nobody is surprised when Chris does not return from last week’s boardroom. When Ivana and Kevin […]

Top Model Episode 9 Recap

Nicole No Longer In the Running – America’s Next Top Model Recap – Episode 9By Diana Kaaha After the girls chit-chat about their flaws and the importance of personality in being a model, Tyra Mail arrives. “Prepare to die. Be ready at 9:15 AM,” is all it says. The girls have no clue what it could […]

Amazing Race 6 - Episode 1 Recap

__Ready. Set. Go! - Amazing Race 6 - Episode 1 Recapby Carol Bernard The “Windy City” set the stage for the new season of the Amazing Race.  The contestants raced toward the Chicago shoreline in high-powered jet boats to start the first leg of this amazing race around the world. 

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