Interview with Eddie and Melissa from “The Road To Stardom”

Interview with Melissa and Eddie from UPN's “The Road to Stardom” Interview with Eddie How did you come to be o­n Road to Stardom? It all started when I was in college. I never was really into school so I got a refund o­n my tuition and decided to invest it in my music career which […]

Important Message From Jason

Hi everyone. I want to thank you for coming every week to read my column here o­n It seems like every week this column gets more visits than any other. This week I was unable to watch the Bachelorette.
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The Apprentice Episode 4 Recap

“Movie Producer girlfriend”  Kristen Fired o­n the spot!  The Apprentice 3 Recap-Episode 4By  Kristen BaldwinWhile last week's boardroom is underway, the safe candidates wonder who will be fired this week.  Many of Team Magna's players don't mince any words to Michael as they sternly speak with him about their dissapointment in his behavior by not […]

American Idol 4 Recap - Episode 8

Day 2 of the Hollywood Semi-Finals – American Idol 4 Recap – Episode 8By Diana Kaaha Day 2 of the Hollywood Semi-Finals brings 97 wannabes to audition for their chance at stardom. As with Day 1, the hopefuls are tested as a group.
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