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I Know a Reality Star - Jason Dinant
By Jason Dinant

Welcome to I Know a Reality Star a new column I am writing to give you an inside look into the world of reality TV. As Kathy Griffin calls herself a D-list celebrity, I'd have to call myself a D-list reality star. But being o­n the D-list has some perks: you get to meet the A-listers; you get invites to fun parties; you get some press and you get your own column o­n OrwellProject.com. What more could a D-lister want? (hehe)

If you don't know already, I was o­n the popular Mtv series, FEAR. It was o­n the air back in 2000 to 2001. Six strangers were brought to an undisclosed location and had to spend the weekend together as they completed dares and faced their fears. The same team of Fear Factor fame produced it. I was o­n the Duggan Brothers Cement Factory episode where five others and myself explored the abandoned Duggan Bros Cement Factory in Wilmington, NC. Each cast member had to complete dares either with another cast member or alone.

One of my dares was to climb atop a 200-foot scaffolding by myself and reenact the owner of the factories suicide. As a cast member you had to complete all your dares to stay o­n the show and in the end you'd win $5,000 for doing so. The “suicide” dare was my second and last dare I needed to complete to win the $5000. After climbing the steep scaffolding and given my instructions I put my head in a noose that was dangling near the edge and was further instructed to push six cinderblocks off the edge that were supposedly connected to the rope around my neck. After nearly a half hour of discussion and frustration from not o­nly myself but the rest of the cast I decided to take the noose off of my neck and push over the blocks. It was at that point we found out that it was an optical illusion and that the blocks were not really tied to my neck.

After returning to the safe house, the place where all the other cast members waited and read the dares from, I found out the dare was not completed properly and I was kicked off the show. I was very frustrated with the news, I was up there for almost two hours and had the crap scared out of me and I was sent home.

After it was all said and done I am glad I did the show and have the memories to look back o­n. I realized at a very young age that your life and well-being are more important than any amount of money could ever be. Although I did not get the $5000 prize money, I was invited back to take part in the best of FEAR interview special where several season o­ne cast members came back to talk about the show and the experience and also I was chosen to take part in the dvd special, Inside: FEAR.

So now that you know more about me, here is more about this column and what it will feature. I Know a Reality Star will be a series of interviews I have conducted with friends and colleagues of mine who have appeared o­n reality TV. You will get an inside look at what the casting process was like, how they felt when the first found out they were cast for the show, their reactions to the show, where they are now and much more.

Slated to appear include: Josh Souza from Big Brother, Angela Pond and Brandon Hatt of Mtv FEAR, Sarah Becker of Real World Miami and more. The first column will appear here o­n OrwellProject.com o­n March 7th and will feature Josh Souza: read what he has to say about his time in the spotlight, his reaction to the show and what he is doing now.

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