The Bachelorette Season Finale Recap

What Happened o­n the Bachelorette? Season Finale
By Jason Dinant

All I can say is wow. I watched almost the entire season of this show for that finale? I am amazed by so many things including, the length: in my opinion way to long, the rose ceremony: she never gave out the last rose, the decision: she chooses neither. What was ABC thinking when they picked Jen Schefft as the Bachelorette? I am not sure, but here goes the recap of the show.

The show started with John Paul going home with Jen to meet her parents and brother. The family absolutely fell for John Paul and you get the felling Jen is going to pick him in the end. Jerry has a hard act to follow and Jen sits down with Jerry before he meets the family. Jerry has trouble expressing himself at first but in the end gets it together and the family like him as well.

Jen is torn between whom to choose. She goes dress and ring shopping with her two friends, Abby and Michelle. While shopping she is in a daze and her friends are nervous for her. In the limo she breaks down and cries and says that she does not want to hurt anyone. Her friends seem to like John Paul better.

All the way through the show you get the feeling everyone around Jen wants her to pick John Paul. However if you have watched reality shows in the past you know that the editors like to edit it in a way to make you think o­ne thing and “hit” you with the surprise in the end. Half way through I was saying Jerry; I know she will pick Jerry because they are too heavily slanting it towards John Paul. I was right with my prediction but o­nly half way.

The final rose ceremony came and John Paul goes first. He confesses his love to her and then she says “I don't love you” and she sends him o­n his way.

Like previous Bachelor shows you then expect to see the next guy but oh no, ABC has other plans. They dragged the show out to be 3 hours. They do the After The Final Rose show before you ever see Jerry's proposal and Jen's answer. They interview John Paul and Jen. At this point I was so frustrated and wanted to go to bed that I went o­nline and read forums o­n the show and read what Jen pulls next so then I had to watch the rest. Finally they show the taped “proposal” Jerry gave and then you see Jen live telling him that they have talked and they are just friends.

You get the feeling that Jen will be an old lady and will still be looking for love. She has commitment issues and will never be able to let herself go and actually love. Jerry in the end is lucky that he found that out early o­n and not later. Too bad Andrew Firestone gave up the other girl for her and to bad Jerry wasted his time o­n this season.

So there is my brief recap and my complaints about the show. I think ABC needs to let this show go and get a better idea. After many seasons it is not looking promising for the couples that meet o­n it. It's more of a way for people to become famous and rich. So in the end Jen got what she wanted and now it's time to move o­n.

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