The Amazing Race 7 Recap - Episode 5

The Amazing Race – Where’d They Go – Episode 5 Recap
Jason Dinant
The teams started out at the La Martina polo club in Buenos Aires. The teams start off o­n this leg of the race by catching a flight to Johannesburg, South Africa. o­nce they make it to Johannesburg the teams must find the marked cars and there will be their next clue. They find a fast-forward and a detour. A fast-forward is a task that you may choose to do and if you are the first team to complete it you may bypass all the remaining tasks for the day and head off to the pit stop. This is the first fast-forward offered this season and o­nce you as a team win a fast-forward you may never try a fast-forward again so teams must weigh their options and see if this is the right time for them to try it.

The teams of Ray/Deana and Rob/Amber are the o­nly two teams that head off to the fast-forward. The fast-forward takes place at a former electric plant; both members of the team must walk across a wooden blank bridge that is suspended atop an old cooling tower. Ray/Deana make it to the fast-forward first and get the first chance to complete the task. Rob/Amber wait at the bottom of the cooling tower and decide to stay and wait to see if the other team will complete the task. Rob is very arrogant and thinks they won’t do it so they stay. In the end Ray/Deana make it across and win the fast-forward, Rob/Amber most go and complete the other tasks and are put in the back of the field.
The others teams that decided o­n the detour instead of the fast-forward are given the following choices: tunnels or tribes. In tunnels, teams must repel down a tunnel into a cave, crawl through the cave and find their next clue and their way out of the cave. In tribes, teams are given five items and must figure out the African tribe they belong to.
Lynn/Alex and Rob/Amber choose the tribes and Ron/Kelly, Brian/Greg, Gretchen/Meredith and Uchenna/Joyce choose the tunnels. While in the cave Gretchen takes a fall and they need to call for help. She is given o­ne stitch in her forehead and they wrap her head up. They choose to continue o­n and not give up. By this time they are in last place.
Once the teams complete these tasks they are given the next clue that tells them to go to the town of Soweto. Soweto is the home of the South African apartheid uprising. o­nce in Soweto teams must find the market and purchase 5 items for an orphanage. o­nce the teams have all five items they must make their way to the Orlando (South Africa not Florida) Children’s Orphanage to drop the items off.
Once the teams drop the items off they must make their way to this leg’s pit stop, which is the street where Nelson Mandela lived while in Soweto during the apartheid uprising. The teams arrive in the following order:
Ray/Deana (First team there and they win two 2005 Toyota RAV 4 SUVs)

It was sad to see Gretchen and Meredith arrive last as they had gone through so much during this episode. They overcame so much that I was praying this was a non-elimination round and sure enough it was. They get to continue o­n with the race however they must give up all there belongings. They now o­nly have the clothes o­n their backs and their passports. I hope a miracle happens and they beat out other teams next week to stay around.
So I did not know this week was a two-hour special. I had to record the second half and have just finished watching it. I will have the second part of this week’s episode recap o­nline for you all to read tomorrow.


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