Constantine & Betty in the News – The Media Frenzy Continues

Constantine & Betty in the News – The Media Frenzy ContinuesBy Diana Kaaha Constantine is gone from American Idol, but he is o­n a whirlwind media tour that is sure to feed his many fans. Connie has already appeared o­n Jay Leno, Access Hollywood, FOX 5 News, Entertainment Tonight, E News!, and Inside Edition. Tonight and […]

Survivor Palau Episode 10 Recap

Survivor Palau Episode 10 Recap By Bill GriffithWith Janu’s bizarre and self-inflicted exit last week, Stephenie returned to camp for another few days.  o­ne can o­nly wonder how many lives she has left.  Stephenie expected camp to have an air of awkwardness since she was the intended target until Janu quit.  Needless to say, Steph’s confidence […]

American Idol 4 News - Constantine’s Betty Band on the Tube…All Night

Constantine’s Betty Band o­n the Tube…All Night  By Diana Kaaha Constantine’s band mates want him to know, “We are very proud of you Constantine!” They want everyone to know that tonight, they will be o­n Access Hollywood o­n NBC 7:30pm (EST, check your local listings.) If you have a chance, also check-out FOX 5 News at […]

I Know A Reality Star Volume 6 - Interview With Toni Ferrari

I Know A Reality Star Volume 6 – Toni Ferrari from Love Cruise & Hotel ParadiseBy Jason Dinant Thanks for hanging in there and waiting for the next installment of I Know A Reality Star. I have been working o­n the radio version of I Know A Reality Star that is set to premier this June […]

Lions and tigers and calories oh my! - America’s Next Top Model Episode 9 Recap

Lions and tigers and calories oh my! - America's Next Top Model Episode 9 RecapBy Jackie Helm Tyra Mail – “Are you born to be wild?  Be ready at 8:30am”.  The six remaining model hopefuls try to guess what is in store.  Brittany yells, “Born to be naked!”  Early the next morning the ladies ride to […]

American Idol 4 Recap - Episode 33

Humungous Shock! – American Idol 4 Recap – Episode 33By Diana Kaaha Was there another voting mix up? Was it a dream? Tonight’s results pulled the rug out from under somebody who was slated to be in the top three. Big big bummer! 
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American Idol 4 Recap - Episode 32

Six Sing For Their Idol Lives – American Idol 4 Recap – Episode 32By Diana Kaaha Six hopefuls left – two girls and two guys. For them, everything hinges o­n a single performance. Some hit the right notes, while others fall flat and get pitchy. Another night of voting is about to seal another wannabe’s fate. […]

Interview With Constantine’s Band From American Idol 4

Chatting with Constantine’s Band – An Exclusive InterviewBy Diana Kaaha I hunted down Constantine’s band, “Pray for the Soul of Betty,” and got a chance to talk with their bass player, Taylor. We spoke from opposite coasts, me o­n California time and Taylor cutting into a late New York City night.
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Top Model 4 Recap - Episode 8

No confidence, no contract! Top Model 4 Recap - Episode 8By Jackie Helm The last lucky seven girls sit around talking about the dramatic elimination where both Tiffany and Rebecca were sent packing.  Their faces are long and depressed.  Tyra shows up to make excuses for her tirade.  She told them that Tiffany made her mad […]

The Amazing Race 7 Episode 8 Recap

Amazing Race – Where’d They Go? Episode 8 CommentaryBy Jason Dinant  CBS, I forgive you now for last weeks “To Be Continued” ending. I’d say this episode was o­ne of my favorites of the season. It started with the teams leaving Lucknow, India by train where they were told to get their next clue at […]

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