Meet the Parents - The Bachelor Paris Finale Recap

Meet the Parents - The Bachelor Paris Finale RecapBy Teena Manley This week started with Travis’ version of Meet the Parents.  Sarah (from Tennessee) was first to meet Travis’ sister (Andrea), brother in-law (Mike), niece (Whitney), and niece (Amy).  Sarah and Travis took the family and kids to an indoor playground where they rode o­n slides […]

Recap of Episode 13 of the Gauntlet 2: “Ding Dong, Beth is Gone”

Recap of Episode 13 of the Gauntlet 2:  “Ding Dong, Beth is Gone” By Youngblood Holden Before this episode begins we are shown scenes from last episode.  Said scenes are specifically of the Veteran team giving Beth a tongue lashing and in general are of Veteran team members discussing that they want Beth eliminated so she want […]

24 Recap February 28th 2006 - Day Five 4:00pm-5:00pm

24 Recap February  28th 2006 - Day Five 4:00pm-5:00pmBy Kristin Mischou  This week’s episode begins with Mike Novic telling President Logan that the First Lady is the doomed limo along with the Russian President and his wife. In a shocking twist The President hesitates, and desperately calls his wife, who promptly ignores his pleas to get […]

TLC’s Trading Spaces is looking for homeowners in Sedona Arizona!

TLC's Trading Spaces is looking for homeowners in Sedona Arizona!HIDE YOUR CEILING FANS!TRADING SPACES SEEKS HOMEOWNERS IN SEDONA, AZ!WHAT: TLC’s hit series TRADING SPACES, where two sets of neighbors swap homes for two days to redesign o­ne room in each other’s house, is looking for Sedona area
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American Idol Top 24: First Results Recap! — 2/23/06

American Idol Top 24: First Results Recap! — 2/23/06By Courtney Agnello 40 million votes were cast.  But not enough for four of our contenders tonight.  Just telling us who those four will be would take about 30 seconds, and AI needs an hour to fill.  So first we get to see Seacrest’s crisp pocket square interview […]

American Idol Top 24: Gentlemen’ Night — 2/22/06

American Idol Top 24: Gentlemen’ Night — 2/22/06By Courtney Agnello The Men.  Somehow, they were more fun than the ladies.  How did they manage that?  No denim tube tops, not a Disney song in earshot, nary a sparkle.  But the guys know how to entertain.  And they had way more interesting friends in the audience than […]

Project Runway Recap - Episode 12 “Exploited Weakness”

Project Runway Recap - Episode 12 “Exploited Weakness”By Belinda Trotter-JamesHave you ever said something about someone behind his or her back?  Did your comment fly through the air into the ears of the person?  What did they say?  What did you say?  Well, that is what Project Runway’s reunion show accomplished.  I guess it would […]

American Idol Top 24 Recap: Ladies’ Night — 2/21/06

American Idol Top 24: Ladies’ Night — 2/21/06By Courtney Agnello Finally, we get to see the chosen girls’ do their stuff o­nstage.  Surprisingly, some early faves make a big, nasty choking sound when they sing o­n the big stage in front of the lights, cameras and all of America.  Other previously-unknowns bust out with gusto.  The […]


Now Casting ALL BRIDESMAIDSIf you are continually asked to be a bridesmaid, but have yet to walk down the aisle yourself, this is your chance to share your story!
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CASTING NOW for Animal Planet’s “WILD SUMMER”

CASTING NOW for Animal Planet's “WILD SUMMER”CASTING NOW for Animal Planet's “WILD SUMMER” - Join the premier cast of a ground-breaking new reality series!
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