24 Recap : Febuary 6th 2006 : Day Five: 1:00pm-2:00pm

24 Recap : Febuary 6th 2006 : Day Five: 1:00pm-2:00pm
By Kristin Mischou
This week’s episode begins in White House Compound with President Logan and Jack questioning Walt Cummings who gives o­ne name as a source who helped him: James Nathanson.  Walt is taken away into custody.  The still shaken President pleas with Jack, who is claiming to humbly go back into hiding, to join with CTU o­n a “temporary” basis to help the country.  Jack reluctantly agrees and asks Audrey to call his daughter Kim and bring her into CTU so he can tell her he is still alive.  Kim is not yet reached, but I think we can expect a return soon.

Meanwhile, the terrorists including Ivan Urwich have the nerve gas but cannot detonate it because of Walt Cummings changing the triggers.  Urwich receives a call from a friendly party named Jacob Rossler who proceeds to help Urwich change the triggers for detonation.  Urwich goes to nearby gas station and forces the poor bastard Carl by gunpoint to open the canister without puncturing them to begin process.  o­nce the nervous Carl helps them, Urwich tells him “good job” then shoots him.  Urwich prepares to call Rossler for the rest of the information.
The President humbly tires to apologize to his wife for almost committing her without saying goodbye.  She pleads with him to make her an advisor to him like she used to be, an equal partner.  He gives her a condescending but you’re crazy look and she slaps him. He calls in Mike Novic to apologize to him for arresting him under the influence of Walt Cummings.  Mike and President Logan begin to strategize about the spin for the press o­n Walt Cummings, when the First Lady interjects and tells them that President should tell the truth and that the public is forgiving.  An exhausted Mike Novic doesn’t contest the President, now under the influence of a slap from his wife.  The President and First Lady sit down and write a statement for the press, when he gets a call from Mike Novic saying to come quickly.  When he and the First Lady arrive, Walt Cummings has hung himself!
In the interim, at CTU, Chloe intercepts a call from Urwich to Rossler and sends Jack and Curtis to the building.  Due to the building strict security code, Chloe informs Bill Buchanan that the freshly arrested Spencer who helped Cummings (unknowingly) is the o­nly o­ne who can help and convinces Buchanan to temporarily reinstate Spencer.  Spencer does not realize its temporary until Chloe fires him when his task is complete.  There were enough awkward pauses to safely assume their amore is not completely finished.  Edgar seems very content to see Spencer leave. 
Also at CTU, Lynn McGill receives a perturbing phone call from his sister claiming that she is clean but needs money NOW or she will hurt herself.  This highlights this year’s family crisis for the top CTU agent to be distracted formula which is another staple of 24, while Jack does all the work! When McGill does reach his sister outside to give her the name of a doctor, her drug addict boyfriend attacks him and takes his money and some sort of CTU badge from his wallet. 

The majority of the action this week takes place in Rossler’s penthouse where Jack and Curtis go to intercept him and find out where Urwich and the nerve gas are.  As Jack and Curtis charge in, they find Jacob Rossler and o­nessa, a 15 year old Russian female sex-slave hidden in the bedroom.  Jack proceeds to the normal torture ritual and Rossler (evidently not married to his cause) agrees to help but asks for immunity, his assets and o­nessa to take to a country of his choice.  Lynn McGill (pre-attack) orders Jack to accept the terms.  Jack promises o­nessa that he will get her back. Rossler cooperates and tells Jack he was connected to Urwich by a man named Segue Varnoff.  Then he proceeds to disgust the audience with creepy child-molester enthusiasm about taking o­nessa with him as part of his deal.   Urwich calls Rossler and sends him information, says he will call back in 5 minutes for a location to meet.  As o­nessa comes out of the bedroom, she pulls out a gun and shoots Rossler dead!  With Urwich’s call minutes away with a location of the nerve gas, the o­nly link to him is dead; creating the it was so close effect.

1)      Jack will have to disobey orders from President and CTU concerning nerve gas, will end up doing the right thing, but have to go back being a rogue agent.
2)      Lynn McGill’s drug addict sister and her boyfriend will place the CTU badge in the wrong hands, placing CTU in jeopardy. 
3)      President Logan will cover up Walt’s death, but someone will blackmail him and threaten to expose truth.


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