24 Recap February 28th 2006 - Day Five 4:00pm-5:00pm

24 Recap February  28th 2006 - Day Five 4:00pm-5:00pm
By Kristin Mischou 
This week’s episode begins with Mike Novic telling President Logan that the First Lady is the doomed limo along with the Russian President and his wife. In a shocking twist The President hesitates, and desperately calls his wife, who promptly ignores his pleas to get out of the car.  The President continues to wavier throughout the show.  Then in a poetic declaration of love he simply finds his resolve and says “Dammit Martha, You brought it o­n yourself!” 

At CTU, Audrey enlists the help of Edgar while the still suspicious and cracking Lyn McGill is barking orders at everyone and even firing random people.  Audrey finds out from Jack that the mysterious man involved in the corporation linked with terrorists is Chris Henderson. Jack explains that Henderson is the man who recruited Jack to CTU, whom later Jack helped uncover as selling intelligence to terrorists. Jack head s over to the corporation to confront Henderson o­n the nerve gas.  At this point Audrey, Chloe, and Edgar are secretly helping rogue Jack.
Jack enters the corporation and goes into to see Henderson.  Henderson hits Jack with a stun gun. After an emotional confrontation, Henderson vehemently denies ever having any connection with terrorists.  He decides to help Jack investigate the corporation.
Chloe and Edgar come across some information about the planned attack o­n the fated Russian motorcade and go to Lyn McGill to warn secret service.  McGill o­ne cluck away from the cuckoo’s nest, states he won’t be embarrassed again and tells them to ignore it.  When he is confronted by Audrey he does the same, except yelling loudly enough to alert others to his instability.  At this point Audrey tires to enlist Curtis to invoke a section 112 which would remove McGill from office for mental instability. Curtis hesitates, but when he sees McGill going to take Chloe and Edgar into custody decides to invoke it.  It is now a standoff between McGill and Curtis and in a dramatic turn, decides to listen to Curtis and take McGill into custody.  Curtis promptly reinstates Bill Buchanan.
Bill Buchanan calls President Logan to inform him of the planned attack and that he will alert Secret Service. Logan is stunned because he knows that terrorist leader Vladimir Bierko will release the gas if the Russian President isn’t killed.  The head of secret service Aaron Pierce (also in the limo) gets the warning call from CTU, but it’s too late.
The motorcade is attacked with a missile and gun fire, and just as terrorists go to vehicle to kill the Russian President, Aaron Pierce saves the day and shoots them all.
President Logan gets the call that his wife and the Russian President are okay and gives a very unconvincing “Thank God” obviously now more worried about retaliation from his wife more than the terrorists.
Back at the corporation Jack and Henderson are receiving clues to the mystery of the missing nerve gas when Henderson says he’ll be right back he has to get something.  Jack tries to call CTU but all phone lines are dead. Jack realizes that Henderson betrayed him again and has now locked Jack in the room with a bomb!  Chris Henderson calls some unknown woman and tells her that he got info from Jack and CTU doesn’t have enough to link the corporation with the nerve gas, and that he has “killed” Jack Bauer.
At the end of the hour, a very angry terrorist leader Vladimir Bierko calls the President informing him that since the Russian President wasn’t killed, the gas will now be used o­n U.S. soil!  President Logan now must face the terrorists and his very pissed off wife!
Humble Predictions
First Lady will leave President Logan and fall in love with head of secret service Aaron Pierce.
Lyn McGill repents telling CTU about the missing key card and illuminating his sister’s drug addiction.
Terrorists will release a canister inside CTU headquarters.


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