American Idol: Results Night — 4/12/06

American Idol:  Results Night — 4/12/06By Courtney Agnello One hour of results tonight.  This plus no guest performance can o­nly mean o­ne thing:  A big old honkin’ group medley!   Yeah, baby!  We are also treated to messages from home for all the contestants, lots of homesick crying from almost everyone, performances from all the bottom three […]

American Idol: TOP 8 QUEEN NIGHT — 4/11/06

American Idol: TOP 8 QUEEN NIGHT — 4/11/06By Courtney Agnello Oh yes, it’s Queen Night and the feeling’s right, oh what a night.  This could have been a total disaster and it really wasn’t.  I kind of liked everybody for o­ne reason or the other.   
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