America’s Next Top Model Episode 10, “Go Sees” and what not to say to a judge!

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America’s Next Top Model Episode 10, “Go Sees” and what not to say to a judge!
By Jackie Helm

The ladies feel the need for a woman’s gift/curse in life – MEN. They invite the male models from their commercials to dinner and then back to the pad afterward. CariDee got her make out o­n with o­ne of the guys – a couple girls made hater comments but I salute CariDee for gettin’ it while the gettin’ was good!

Tyra gets her chat o­n with the girls. She asks the ladies what comments from the judges’ hurt the worst. She goes o­n to encourage the girls to take it all in as constructive coaching. Back at the house Tyra Mail reads, “Only the Elite will continue o­n in the competition. Get ready to See who will Go and who will stay”. Read between the lines – Go Sees!

The director of Elite (in Spain) has ten designers for the girls to “go see”. The game is o­n and the girls have to be back by 6pm! The twin’s pair up, Eugena and CariDee run together and Melrose travels alone. The girls got around decently except for the twins. They also got back to Elite late and were disqualified from the challenge. Melrose won the challenge and chose CariDee to share in her prize of being treated like super models, which includes dinner prepared by a personal chef.

Tyra Mail, “Don’t let the photographer bull you”. The ladies gather at a bull-fighting arena for this week’s photo shoot. Nigel will be the photographer and a live bull will be their co-star.

Sadly for my favorite model CariDee – she stuck her foot in her mouth. Nigel was holding a stick and she asked him if he had removed it from his ass since the last judging panel. Oops. Jay Manuel addressed her and the other girls regarding her comment. He stressed the importance of respect!

During the shoot, Eugena got all props from Nigel and Jay. Amanda was called stiff and disconnected. The guys were pleased with Michelle’s performance. Jay thought Melrose was trying too hard to impress. CariDee’s poses were labeled porn-ish. After her shoot she apologized to Nigel about her remark.






Tyra Mail, “Tomorrow you will meet with the judges. o­nly four will continue o­n in hopes of being America’s Next Top Model.”

Panel time. The girls are asked to state who they feel has the most and least potential to be America’s Next Top Model. Melrose says that the most potential lies in herself and that Eugena has the least. Eugena feels she has the most potential and Amanda has the least. CariDee picks herself for having the most and Amanda has the least. Amanda excludes herself (for not wanting to talk about herself) and names Eugena as having the most potential and CariDee as having the least. Michelle names CariDee as the strongest and surprisingly chooses herself as the weakest.

The judges go over the girls’ photos with the bull and dismiss the girls as they deliberate. They ladies are called back in, photos are handed out and the twins stand in the bottom two. Amanda is chosen to stay while Michelle must go.

She leaves us saying “I kind of shot myself in the foot today. But I didn’t want my sister to leave because this is o­ne of her dreams too. Maybe I was a distraction. But now that I am gone I hope it gives her more focus. I don’t want her to ever second-guess herself. She is amazing, she is my sister, I love her. I think I was here to find myself and I found a little bit of something so that works for me. I’m 18, I’m so young, there is so much more life to live. I need to embrace it instead of just hiding from it.”

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