The Amazing Race 10 - Episode 11 Recap – The Final Three Teams are Chosen

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The Amazing Race 10 - Episode 11 Recap – The Final Three Teams are Chosen
By: Lexy Walker

Tonight’s episode of The Amazing Race heats up as the teams battle it out for a spot in the coveted final three. The models, Tyler and James, depart first from the Moroccan pit stop for Casablanca. The teams will drive through the Atlas Mountains o­n a long windy and narrow road. The beauty queens, Kandice and Dustin, are facing elimination if they don’t come in first or at least ahead of the other teams by 30 minutes, and they are the last to depart o­n this leg of the race.

The teams are headed to a market where they will locate their next clue. Tyler and James located the clue box quickly as Single Moms and Rob and Kimberly struggle to find its location. This gives the Beauty Queens just enough time to slip past them and arrive at the clue box in second place.

The first roadblock of this leg of the race is presented to them at the marketplace. The teams must locate a meat market; purchase o­ne pound of delectable camel meat. Then they will head to a café and prepare the camel by grinding it and putting it o­n skewers. o­nce they have cleaned their plate, they will receive their next clue.

The beauty queens are the next to locate the roadblock, thanks to the assistance of a local who jumps in their car with them and guides them throughout the city. The blondes have employed this tactic in just about every leg of the race, in some form or another, and it usually has worked well for them, as it does this time.

Rob and Kimberly and the Alabama Single Moms find the clue box and complete the roadblock in nearly the same amount of time, except for the fact that Lyn is able to grind the meat faster and eat her skewers quicker than Kimberly. Karlyn and Rob sit by and goad their teammates o­n with frequent demands. Lyn credits her being a mom for her ability to fly through this roadblock as she says, “I’m always cooking some kind of meat.”

The teams are now off to Barcelona, Spain and they all end up o­n the same flight. At the airport, the blondes ask the models if they would let them step o­n the mat first if they are in a foot race to the pit stop. The models find it amusing that the blondes want to form an alliance for the first time in the race and they smugly say no way. The models would rather have Bama in the final three as they are not as much of a physical threat to the competitors. Everyone is gunning to get rid of the blonds.

In Barcelona, the teams must locate a park and search a maze for their next clue. The teams arrive at night after the park is closed so they must wait until morning to gain access to the maze. In the morning, the blondes smile a lot and convince some local construction workers to call a taxi for them. Even Rob pushes Kimberly to do the same. As Kimberly lines up a taxi for them, the models ask her to get them a cab too. Karlyn rebukes Lyn’s suggestion that they try to get a cab lined up.

Inside the maze, the teams locate their next clue, a detour. They’ll choose between Lug It or Lob It. In Lug It, the teams will don local costumes of giants measuring nine and a half feet tall. They then will have to walk a mile to find a particular female giant who will give them their next clue.

In Lob It, the teams will search a large pile of tomatoes for their next clue. While they search, locals will pelt them with tomatoes simulating a traditional tomato fight from the La Tomatina festival.

As the teams depart the maze, o­nly two taxis have arrived. This leaves the models and Bama out searching the streets of bustling Barcelona for a ride. They eventually get o­ne. The models and the blondes decide to do Lug It, despite the fact that both teams want to be doing whatever task the other team isn’t.

Rob and Kimberly arrive at the tomato piles and dig in. Immediately, a group of locals appear and begin flinging tomatoes at the couple. These locals have incredible aim, as Kimberly gets dotted in the head quite a few times as she winces and screams, “Ow!” Rob gets into it as he works off some of his pent-up anger and he taunts the crowd. Seems as if he’s meant for tomato fighting. Meanwhile, Kimberly loses and it demands that they quit this detour and head for the other o­ne. Rob insists that they stay. Ultimately, they stay and find the clue rather quickly.

Over at Lug It, the blondes are having a difficult time maneuvering the costumes and finding their way. They take the monstrous outfits off and regroup. The models meet up with them briefly before darting off into the crowd to find the female giant.

Bama arrives next at the tomato piles. The get right to smashing tomatoes, despite the tomato fight. It doesn’t seem to bother them as much as Rob and Kimberly though they have bickered with each other quite a bit during this leg of the race. They, too, find their clue rather quickly and are off to the pit stop.

Rob and Kimberly check in first at the pit stop. They win a trip for two to Barbados from Travelocity. The couple is excited to be in first for the final three and Rob is brought to tears when Phil asks him what this race means to him. Rob sobs as he says he wants to marry and start a family with Kimberly. Looks like the Amazing Race has brought them closer together, after all. I must admit, I didn’t see these two sticking together.

Lyn and Karlyn arrive next at the pit stop, making them the first all-female team to make it to the final three in Amazing Race history. The models arrive next. Finally, after getting somewhat lost looking for the pit stop, the blondes arrive last o­n the mat and are eliminated from the competition.

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