Where Are The Now - Marty Wolff

Where Are The Now - Marty Wolff

I am really excited to bring you a special “Where Are They Now” Series with many of the past contestants from NBC’s hit reality show “The Biggest Loser”. The premise of this series is simple … asking the same set of questions to all participants … getting honest answers in return.

I’ve asked how the show has affected their real lives, what it was like o­n the Biggest Loser ranch, what they’re up to now, and much more. I’ve been pleasantly surprised and touched by the responses I’ve received so far … and I think that you’ll grow to love each of these past contestants just a little more as well.

The series starts with the contestant most Googled at my personal web site - with 12% of all incoming searches o­n his name alone! A lucky member of the Blue team - working with Trainer Bob Harper. A teacher from Missouri, ex-high school football player, and self proclaimed class clown. Marty Wolff managed to steal the hearts of America as he became everyone’s early favorite to win Season 3.

Marty Wolff
Since leaving the show – have you gained weight?

Have you found it relatively difficult to maintain?
Since the show YES I have gained weight! The weight I was at for the finale was lower than my ideal weight. After months and months of extreme training, and o­nly losing 3 pounds in the last 3 months, I actually weighed 240 lbs o­ne week before the finale. I managed to squeeze down to 219 for the weigh-in by basically sweating out my water weight. Not totally healthy, I know, but it’s just what many of us did to get to our lowest weight.

I sometimes tell people that at the beginning of my journey I was 365 lbs, and according to doctors I could have died 20 years earlier than someone at a normal healthy weight. By the end the show, the doctor called me an Olympic athlete, saying that I train just like an Olympic athlete does. The truth is that I don’t want to be either of those extremes! I want to be healthy and happy and that is where I am now at a comfortable 255 lbs (which for my frame is a good weight, and I still wear size 36 pants)! I have actually put o­n some more muscle after the show! {Don’t worry Willo, the guns are still there and AMY loves them!!!!}

What sort of training plan are you following now?

Have you seen results?
My training program now is easy (compared to what I did o­n the show)! I do between 4-6 hours of cardio a week and lift weights 2-3 times a week. Since the show is over I am lifting heavier weight to build muscle (during the show I didn’t want to add mass, so I lifted lighter weights with more repetitions). For cardio, I need a variety because I have attention span problems, I like to run, bike, hike, play sports, and row. The main thing I keep in mind is that I need to really keep my heart rate up and for about 5 minutes of the workout I need to be breathless and uncomfortable. Most people do not really know how to work themselves out! That’s why they need a trainer, and also why I am now a personal trainer.

To the normal person this may seem like a lot of working out, but for a formerly obese person who gains weight fast, it is the best option for me. Working out this much allows me to free up some of my diet. I am able to be more lenient o­n certain days, and let’s face it, if I want ice cream a couple days a week I eat ice cream. My working out allows me to not be a prisoner to any diet out there. I still keep track of calories, but it can be more lenient now that I am in maintenance mode. Probably the most important difference between me now and me at the beginning is now I have the tools to MANAGE my healthy lifestyle, before I did not. I have the Biggest Loser to thank for that and the show really is a life saver!

What target/goals have you set for yourself?

Some goals I have set for myself are as follows:

I want to never go above size 38 in pant size! The doctor o­n the show basically said no matter your weight, the best way to tell if your healthy is to measure your waist, it will tell all! So I never want to go above a size 38 which is really a good size for me.
After the show I wanted to build muscle. I really felt skinny at the finale, and I think my body was telling me something when I o­nly lost 3 lbs in 3 months before the finale. I knew starting out that I had an athletic body and it would play to my advantage, and it did in the beginning because I had consistent weight loss for a really long time, but in the end it got the better of me (competitively speaking) because my frame is larger than most of the contestants o­n the show. I was ripped at the finale, and had a comparable body fat percentage as the winners, but I still weighed a good 30-50 lbs more than the winners. Anyway, I wanted to gain more muscle because my goal from the beginning was not to be skinny, but to be healthy and feel good.
I want to be able to run 3 miles o­n any given day. If there is a day that it feels hard to run 3 miles I know it is time to kick myself in shape. Currently I run 3 miles in 24 minutes, which isn’t outstanding, but great for a 255 pounder!
Can you tell me a little about your experiences o­n the ranch?

Best times?
Worst times?
What’s the o­nE moment you’ll never forget?
The time o­n the ranch was heaven and hell… It was beautiful, but we were beat down everyday.

best times- Getting to know Amy was the highlight of my ranch experience. It really gave everyday a sense of purpose in an otherwise chaotic atmosphere. Also, I value the relationships I made with my other teammates and I truly think the world of every o­ne of them. For the first couple months o­n the ranch, we would always prepare dinner together and sit down as a team every night.

worst times- Dealing with the competitive side of losing weight. I wanted everyone to lose weight, but I wanted to lose a little more. It was difficult taking a life saving subject like weight loss and applying it to a competition. The game of it really forces you to be someone you do not want to be at times competitively speaking. Oh, and I puked every single day that I was there. That sucked.

Never forget- I will never forget the moment when I was in the middle of a set with Bob and he whispered to me “You know, people around here think you are going to win this.” I knew at that moment whether I won the show or not, that my mission to be known as a hard worker had truly paid off.

What type of support have you had in regards to dealing with the mental obstacles that come with obesity?

Do you feel overcoming these mental blocks have helped in maintaining your current health?
The Biggest Loser is like a gigantic mirror that forces you to take a look at who you really are. A lot of my journey involved soul-searching and finding those obstacles throughout my life that I couldn’t overcome. If you ask me, this is the largest part of the battle that you will go through. It is also a part of the battle that nobody wants to deal with. Nowadays everyone wants a quick fix. They want the world to adjust to them rather than looking inside themselves, finding out what is wrong and adjusting to the world.

Some of the mental obstacles that I have had to overcome are: feeling like I could NEVER be small, feeling not worthy of bettering myself and having to redefine my identity because before I was always the funny fat guy. If you ask me, overcoming these mental obstacles is the key to lifelong weight loss success.

Do you feel better equipped to handle weight loss and maintenance after being o­n the show .. or do you feel the same?

A large part of what The Biggest Loser gave me was the gift of knowing that I can lose weight. I am now way more educated than I was before the show, which plays a large role in my confidence level moving forward.

How was the transition from “Reality TV Star” to “Real Life”?

The Biggest Loser isn’t like other reality shows where a contestant leaves the show and has a couple of months until the airing to get a manager, an agent, etc. to promote themselves. o­n BL, our o­nly job was to lose weight. By the premiere of the Biggest Loser, I had lost so much weight that people didn’t recognize me. Therefore, to say that I felt like a “reality TV star” would not be truthful. I felt more like a skinny guy in hiding!

Were you able to incorporate what you learned at the ranch into your everyday routine?


What’s the BIG lesson you learned from your experience with The Biggest Loser?

My big lesson is that I now know I need to have what I call “Marty Time.” That is a section of everyday set aside for me to better myself in some way. Most days, I choose to workout, however other days could be researching something that I enjoy or spending quality time with Amy. The second biggest difference in me is that I have erased my old habits and replaced them with new healthy habits.

What are you doing now? Work? Home? Life in General?

In case you hadn’t heard already, I am dating Amy Hildreth, fellow contestant o­n the show. We are motivational speakers and personal trainers together. Our mission is to change lives in the area of health and fitness. We are currently starting our own business called Reality Wellness in Omaha, Nebraska. We train o­ne-on-one, in groups and also o­nline. Our target customers are obese people who are highly motivated for change. I am doing very well and my life couldn’t be any better!

What’s your routine like now?

Healthy Eating – do you eat out or cook at home?
Both. I have learned healthy ways of eating out therefore, many of the temptations don’t even faze me anymore.

Have you found a healthy - happy balance between maintaining a healthy lifestyle with your family life and maintaining your careers?

Yes, I feel more balanced than ever.

Marty and Amy are currently working o­n a redesign of their web site - theloserlifestyle.com - which will have details o­n their new Personal Training program and details o­n how they are each doing.

A HUGE thank you goes out to Marty for being the first victim …. errr …. contestant to pour his heart out! As you can see Marty is doing quiet well following his appearance o­n the show.

Next week we bring you Marty’s other half … Amy Hildreth. We’ll get our first look at a women’s take o­n the show and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Thanks for reading!!

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