Reality TV Casting Calls Weekly Wrap Up 5/13

Hey everyone, here are the latest and greatest Reality TV Casting Calls. Check em’ out and apply! Good luck!

Casting Call for ‘The Real Housewives of NYC’ Season 2

Producers of ‘The Real Housewives of NYC’ are looking for additional Manhattan women to join its cast. This highly acclaimed, ultra stylish docu-soap will continue to follow the privileged lives of New York’s high society women and their families in its all new second season. Do you have a glamorous New York lifestyle? Are you a regular on the guest list for New York’s most exclusive social events? A high rolling social butterfly juggling the ups and downs of family life along with a high-powered career and a social calendar to die for? If you are living or, at least, aspiring to the Manhattan dream we want to hear from you… All family types will be considered but most important we’re looking for dynamic Manhattan women with an abundance of personality and style!
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Bully Beat Down Now Casting
Mark Burnett Productions: New prime-time pilot -the producers of Survivor, The Apprentice, and Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader? Bring your BULLY BEAT DOWN! Yeah we said it…Bullies! Are you that person? The person with a big scary bark who likes to intimidate or perhaps the person who is always talking about how tough they are. If so we want to put you to the test and see how tough you really are…Getting scared? Ha…maybe you are not so tough. If you have not chickened out yet and you think this is you then please e-mail us with your picture and a brief description about why you think you would be a great fit for this show.
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Food Network Casting People with Cooking Dilemmas, on “Ask Aida”
Starting this summer, cooking expert Aida Mollenkamp can solve all your culinary concerns: from recipe and ingredient issues to advice on kitchen machinery and tools. She can even offer guidance for impromptu parties, feeding a crowd, make-ahead dishes and time-saving tips. But first, she needs to hear your most pressing cooking concerns and conundrums! From problems with pies, pancakes, brownies, chocolate, cookies and cakes, as well as challenges you face when making chicken, meat and potatoes or seafood and salads, Aida is ready to tackle it all. But she not only wants to hear it, she wants to SEE it too. Your video might appear on Food Network’s new series Ask Aida. So we’re asking you to go to the following link and upload a unique, creative and entertaining, :45-:60 second video (:90 if it’s amazing!) that shows Aida what your culinary challenge is and how she can help. Only the very best videos will be considered, so get creative! See application link below:
Casting Call Application
The Moment of Truth Now Casting in New York
WIN UP TO $500,000 Casting THE MOMENT OF TRUTH! The MOMENT OF TRUTH is coming to NEW YORK CITY MAY 21st – 22nd and looking for Male/Females between the ages 25 – 40 who are energetic and ready TO TELL THE TRUTH!! Some Specialty Categories we are looking for are Doctors, Lawyers, Business Owners, Librarians, Twins, and Ex-Priests!! To become a contestant email us and answer the following questions! Tell us your name, age, phone number, occupation, and where you are from. Describe your personality and why you would be a good candidate for The Moment of Truth. Who would your supporters be on the show and why. Explain why you can win the $500,000. Tell us about your past 3 relationships? Don’t forget to include a current PHOTO of yourself! Go to to view past episodes.
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Do you know the signature dance moves to famous pop culture songs?

DO YOU KNOW THE SIGNATURE DANCE MOVES TO THE MOST FAMOUS POP CULTURE SONGS?? IF YES! WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!! You don’t need to be a good dancer, just show the world that you know these moves and compete for big prize money. We’re not looking for professional dancers, just ordinary folks between the ages of 25 and 49 with outgoing personalities and amazing energy!!! If you, or someone you know, fits what we’re looking for, please email your name, phone number and a .jpg formatted photo.
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New TLC Show Now Casting Divorcee’s

TLC’s new docu-series, “Suddenly Single” will take you on a behind-the scenes ride as it follows a divorcee planning and living out her dramatic, gala return to the single life.
Have you been secretly planning an over-the-top, utterly decadent, divorce party to celebrate your new status as a single woman? TLC wants to help you throw a weekend bash to remember that is part bachelorette party and part bacchanalian exorcism in the hedonism capital- Las Vegas.
No teary break-ups here! TLC will follow you and your closest friends as your emancipation becomes finalized through a series of spa treatments, male reviews, crazy rituals and cocktails! If you are recently divorced and ready to celebrate, please send us all of your contact information and a recent photo. We are only considering Las Vegas locals or Southern California residents. Women in other locales are welcome to apply, but transportation for you and your party will not be included in the package.
Think: “My Super Sweet Sixteen” 24 years later with no holds barred!

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FOX’S The Moment of Truth Now Casting in Texas
Casting THE MOMENT OF TRUTH! The MOMENT OF TRUTH is coming to DALLAS May 30 – June 2 and looking for Male/Females between the ages 25 – 40 who are energetic and ready TO TELL THE TRUTH!! Some Specialty Categories we are looking for are Doctors, Lawyers, Business Owners, Librarians, Twins, and Siblings!!
Moment of Truth Casting
LA AREA… Ladies get ready! From the producers of ‘The Bachelor’ comes a new dating show for women who are 40 plus. Are you a fierce single woman between the ages of 40 – 47? Do you only date younger men? Then we have the show for you! TV Land has announced a new reality dating series from ‘The Bachelor’ creator Mike Fleiss that will follow a group of young men vying for the heart of a glamorous, older, more mature woman.
Cougar Dating Show Now Casting

Hole in the Wall Game Show Now Casting
The TV phenomenon, HUMAN TETRIS (AS seen on YOUTUBE) is sweeping the world and making its way to America! Fremantle Media, the company behind American Idol, America’s Got Talent, and The Price Is Right along with a major American television network are looking for trios (friends, co-workers, spouses, etc) to take part in one of the most OUTRAGEOUS, FUNNY, and challenging game shows ever seen on Television. In order to apply you must assemble a team of 3 people. Looking for groups with interesting dynamics or a common theme; (for example, FIREMEN, DENTISTS, ACROBATS, FOOTBALL PLAYERS, YOGIS, BIKERS, SORORITY/FRATERNITY, POLICEMAN, STUDENTS, WRESTLERS, BODYBUILDERS, DOCTORS, ROLLER DERBY, BALLERINAS ETC…) They can be anyone in your life (CO-WORKERS, FAMILY, FRIENDS etc). We are looking for men and women 18 and up of ALL SHAPES AND SIZES who are OUTGOING and have a GREAT SENSE OF HUMOR! All teams must be either ALL Female OR ALL Male! This show does not require trivia knowledge only your creativity in fitting your body through a hole in a wall!

Game Show Now Casting


WE ARE LOOKING FOR GOOD LOOKING, ARTICULATE PEOPLE FOR PILOT OF NEW TV COURT SHOW! IF YOU HAVE A SMALL CLAIMS COURT ISSUE OR ANY OF THE ISSUES LISTED BELOW, WE WANT TO TALK TO YOU! Are you fighting with your ex’s family over money or property? If your Ex’s family owes you money, or they are accusing you of owing them money? Did your friend or family member ruin your wedding day and now you want them to pay? If you want help to settle your dispute we can help! Are you in a legal dispute with a family member? Do you need help settling a legal dispute with a family member, friend, or neighbor? Did you loan a family member or Friend money but he/she thinks it was a gift? Are you fighting with one of your in-laws over money or property and you plan on taking legal action against them? Do you need help settling a legal dispute with a family member, friend, or neighbor? Are you upset because a family member ruined your wedding or family gathering and you want this person to pay for the damages he/she caused? Are you upset because your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend stole from you & now refuses to return your money or property? Did your Hair Stylist Ruin your hair and now it is falling out? Was your wedding or special event ruined because your hairdresser destroyed your hair and you want her to pay? WE WILL PAY FOR ALL TRAVEL EXPENSES, APPEARANCE FEE AND/OR JUDGMENT COSTS!
Court Show Now Casting

The Gong Show Back and Now Casting
SHOW US WHAT YOU GOT! The ORIGINAL and BEST comedy variety show is back! THE GONG SHOW WITH DAVE ATTELL IS SEEKING TALENT NOW! Comedy Central and host Dave Attell are looking for the most zany, absurd, bizarre and unique performers out there! All acts are welcome! We want cutting edge variety, stupid human tricks, off-the-wall comedy routines, crazy magic, strange music, etc. The more insane the better! This summer series will be taping soon, so don’t miss the chance to have your act seen by millions as we celebrate tomfoolery!
Gong Show Now Casting
Female Ocean Lifeguard Show Now Casting
Casting REAL LIFE Female Ocean Lifeguards Lion’s Gate Television and Glassman Media are casting certified female ocean lifeguards to be featured in a prime-time reality/documentary show for a major cable network. This show will feature women of all lifeguarding levels, from part-time rookies to full-time advanced ocean lifeguards and may involve various competitions and/or eliminations. Producers will cast women from any given beach town in the United States and from all walks of life, who have one dream: to become among the elite at saving lives. We are seeking women with strong personalities and physical abilities that live an action packed life. Casting producers are searching for women with passion and determination and who would like not only to inspire themselves, but young women everywhere. PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT IF YOU ARE NOT A REAL OCEAN LIFEGUARD!
Lifeguard Casting Call
FASHION VICTIM -We’re looking for a woman between the ages of 35 - 42 who would love a fashion overhaul from our style experts. Should have an athletic physique and should be willing to cut their hair. We want outgoing women who are perhaps overworked in all aspects of their life, so they’ve let their style fall by the wayside. All ethnicities are encouraged to submit.
Makeover Show Now Casting

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