Reality TV Casting Calls Weekly Wrap Up 8/16

Hey everyone, here are the latest Reality TV Casting Calls for the week.  For a complete list of Reality TV Casting Calls be sure to check out Good luck!

MTV Model Makers Now Casting

MODEL MAKERS: a new MTV “Transformation Make-Over” Reality Show

Have you always wanted to model but don’t know where to start? Maybe you don’t know the right people. Maybe you are not thin enough. Maybe you are not photogenic.  MODEL MAKERS will give you the ultimate make-over and transform you into the model of your dreams.


Women come in all shapes and sizes, but models don’t. The term model conjures an image of stick-thin, towering beauties oozing confidence, glamour, poise and sexuality from every pore. “Skinny,” “no body fat,” and “size zero” are the words and phrases associated with models. “Chubby,” “well-fed,” and “big- boned” are not… Until now!


From acclaimed Model Manager Michael Flutie, Cris Abrego Productions and MTV, introducing “MODEL MAKERS”, the show that dares to go where no modeling show has gone before.


15 lucky women from around the country will get the opportunity of a lifetime when MTV hands them over to Michael Flutie and an expert team of trainers, nutritionists, stylists, and other industry leaders. Under the watchful “eye” of these experts, models will endure twelve weeks of intensive physical fitness training to help them get down to their ideal size. Models will also compete in various high fashion challenges to determine who has star quality. With weekly eliminations looming, models must put their best foot forward at all times while staying focused on losing weight.


Let MODEL MAKERS transform you. Get in shape, develop your modeling skills and polish your “look” to achieve your ultimate goal of becoming a high fashion model.  If your transformation is successful, you will be rewarded with not only the experience of a lifetime, but with the MTV prize package that includes:


o          $100,000

o          A professional modeling portfolio

o          A personal trainer for one year

o          The chance to jumpstart the career of your dreams




So what does it take to get on the show?  “We are looking for beautiful, charismatic women who are willing to put in the effort to become a true model,” says Michael Flutie.


If you are between the ages of 17 & 24, 5′9″ to 6′ tall, and 130-190 pounds, please send a recent photo of yourself (head shots and body shots in a bathing suit) along with your


o          Name

o          Mailing Address

o          Home and Cell Telephone numbers

o          E-mail Address

o          Birth Date

o          Height

o          Weight

o          Bust-Waist-Hip Measurements

o          Dress Size

o          Occupation


MTV’s True Life Now Casting I Don’t Like My…






Everyone has body image issues.  But for some people, there’s just that one thing - that one part of your body, your appearance, your first impression - that you absolutely cannot stand about yourself.  You desperately want to fix that one thing - you need to and you will!  You’ve researched a gazillion different ideas that may help you with your problem.  Strangers on the street have given you unsolicited advice.  You’ve vented to friends and family but still feel alone in her inner turmoil.  Some say that you should just accept yourself the way you are… while others support your efforts to change but still think your methods and ideas are ridiculous.  You just wish you could share your story, conquer your problem and be understood.


Network TV show is Casting for any Teen Pregnancy issues


Did you have a child when you were a teen?

Are you a pregnant teen?

Do you think it’s cool to have a baby while you are still in high school?


Network TV show is looking for any teen pregnancy issues.

Compensation, and travel and hotel in LA provided.  


Personal Shopper Show Now Casting Personal Shoppers


Casting Call Personal Shoppers!


Can you find a vintage Louis Vuitton Steamer trunk from 1900 for your client’s cruise around the world?  Do you know the coolest new gadget for the most spoiled, tech-savvy 6 year old?  If you can find a Faberge egg and a first edition “Great Gatsby” in the same day then we want to hear from you!  A major cable network is currently casting experienced personal shoppers with established clientele for a docu/reality series.  Shoppers must be charismatic and have big personalities!  Must have experience shopping for all items and not just clothing!  






New TV show for major cable network is looking for a host that is an expert in explosives and weapons, or remote controlled devices. Can be X Military or civilian expert. Looking for someone with personality, expertise, and a willingness to think outside the box.  


Discovery Channels Green’s Got Game Now Casting


Think you’re “green” enough to be on TV?!!! Are you “sustainable” under pressure?! Come audition for a new game show with TV & film star Tom Green on Discovery Channel’s network PLANET GREEN! If you’re environmentally conscious, always telling your friends/family to recycle, buy organic and favor the bike over the car, this is the show for you! Be part of the awareness and have fun competing for trips around the world! Casting LA locals ASAP –  


Do You Want To Connect With A Loved One Who Has Passed Away? Now Casting


DO YOU WANT TO CONNECT WITH A LOVED ONE WHO HAS PASSED AWAY? New national TV show starring LISA WILLIAMS, medium and clairvoyant, features intimate, one-on-one sessions.






Please reply ASAP - and tell us WHY you want to contact the other side.  



Anger Management Therapy Show Now Casting


Now casting a NEW documentary style program about anger management in Los Angeles.


This is not a typical “reality” type show. We are not looking to make characters out of  people, rather just show individuals in an organic setting.

We are looking for business professionals in LA today that are having a hard time or are unable to control their temper more often than they’d like to, whether it’s causing problems at work, at home, with friends, family, etc.


The documentary series will consist of anger management group and one-on-one therapy to help people cope with and defuse their own angry emotions.

Participates must be over the age of 21.

If interested, please email us with your name, contact info, and a brief story how rage and anger are affecting your life.  


MTV - Casting For The Ultimate Party Girls






Miss Behaving(Working Title)


From the producers of The Apprentice, and Wife Swap, MTV is now seeking women who love to party and are known by their peers as party animals. Here is an opportunity of a lifetime to learn proper etiquette from the elite… We are going to help turn bold, outspoken, love to party women into “proper ladies” Think Lindsay Lohan turns into the Queen of England!


• Are you the girl that speaks her mind, you are bold and you are the life of the party?

• Are you constantly shocking people with your crazy behavior?

• Are you a girl that sometimes can drink more than the guys?

• Do you have the attitude that you “don’t care what others think about you?

• Do you love to hang with crazy friends or the boys?

• Do you ever wear clothes that are too revealing?

• Do you ever play drinking games that are not lady like?

• Do you ever use curse words in public, when you shouldn’t?

• Would your manners possibly get you thrown out of a formal gathering?

• Do you think if you learned better skills, you would get more out of life when it comes to impressing a man or getting a better job?



Come back a new and improved woman with a MAJOR prize in hand!!!


To apply or nominate someone you know


Please put “Party Girl” in the subject title

YOU MUST INCLUDE:  a description of yourself or the person you are nominating. Include as much information about yourself and your partying ways and why they would be good for the show. Apply Now!




Major Network Now Casting for TV’s Next Big DIVA!


Major Network is searching for the next big DIVA’S in Reality Television • Are you a very attractive and ultra confident woman? • Are you a self-professed “DIVA”? • Do you always get your way? • Do you need to be the center of attention? • Are you proud of being a tough Bitch? This is the opportunity of a lifetime to become the next big Reality “It Girl” 8 contestants will be competing by testing their skills at being the biggest Diva that they can be. The winner will take home a HUGE cash prize and the notoriety of being known as next reality villainess. Seeking: women who know they are a bitch and are proud of it, 21-32yrs old, exceptionally attractive, that have BIG personalities!! To be considered, Apply Now and tell us why you think you have what it takes to be Hollywood’s next “Mean Girl”


Don’t Forget the Lyrics: CASTING TWINS for audience


We are looking for sets of identical twins to be in our Don’t Forget the Lyrics studio audience and view our “Twin” themed episode. This episode is scheduled to tape on Thursday, September 4, 2008 times TBA.

We need identical twins between 18 and 80. We would need you to be available all day. However, it is likely you would only be needed a few hours in the afternoon. You will be compensated $50.00 per person for your time. All that is required of you is to show up with your identical twin, dressed alike and ready to have fun!


Thank you,

Casting Department

FOX “Don’t Forget The Lyrics”


Are you ready for your Dreams to come true? Now Casting


Nationally Syndicated Talk show looking to make dreams come true! Do you know someone who deserves to have their biggest wishes/dreams come true? If so, apply now with your story.




NBC’s hit show, DEAL OR NO DEAL is currently casting new models to join the current cast.  We are looking for women over the age of 18 who have the personality and looks that America will fall in love with!!!


We are looking for girls of all ethnicities and backgrounds whose unique personalities go beyond just being a pretty face.


Arizona Applicants:


Las Vegas Applicants:


California Applicants:



“Wedding Day” Now Casting


New DreamWorks/Mark Burnett docu-reality series casting deserving So Cal couples for dream wedding!!!  


If you know of a deserving couple planning or trying to plan a 2008 or 2009 wedding - we want to hear about it! 




We’re also looking for any couple who had to postpone their wedding due to natural disaster, accident or illness.


Apply and be sure to include your story




Personal Shopper Show Now Casting


Can you find a vintage Louis Vuitton Steamer trunk from 1900 for your client’s cruise around the world?  Do you know the coolest new gadget for the most spoiled, tech-savvy 6 year old?  If you can find a Faberge egg and a first edition “Great Gatsby” in the same day then we want to hear from you!  A major cable network is currently casting experienced personal shoppers with established clientele for a docu/reality series.  Shoppers must be charismatic and have big personalities!  Must have experience shopping for all items and not just clothing!


Attention Food Lovers Eat The Clock Now Casting


Attention Food Lovers!!!


A Major TV Network Presents: Eat The Clock


Are you are a connoisseur, critic, chef, aficionado, restaurant owner or are just in a serious love affair with food?


We are currently casting food lovers of all kinds in the Los Angeles area to be a part of the fun and exciting new series

Eat the Clock.


On Eat the Clock, two teams race through many of LA’s culinary hot spots competing in challenges for the ultimate chowhound smack-down!


It’s a Competition TV series for the food-loving world!


We are looking for high-energy, dynamic and competitive two-member teams (husband & wife, parent and child, two good friends, two co-workers, etc.) who are 25-45 and have some connection, knowledge or experience in the food industry.


Who thought fighting for your next meal could be so fun?


Hit Reality Show for Major Cable Network Now Casting a Hunky Handyman


We are currently casting for a “Hunky Handyman” for a reoccurring role on a hit reality show for a major cable network. If you know your way around a toolbox, please send us a message with several photos, your phone number and a brief bio telling us why you are the right man for the job. Pay is $200 per day if hired. This is a non-union job. Job begins immediately so apply today.


Discovery Channel Casting Scientists & Engineers for new series


Doing daVinci is a new show for The Discovery Channel that will study daVinci’s old blueprints, build them and test them out.  Think “Mythbusters” investigating daVinci’s genius!


Are you considered an expert in the engineering or science fields?  Do you get a thrill out of designing your own contraptions and watching them in action?  If you have an outgoing personality and a zest for life, then you might be just what we’re looking for!


Casting for the next big name in Hollywood Event Planning


E! Entertainment Television & LG Electronics are searching for the next big name in Hollywood Event Planning for the wildly successful “LG House”.


*Do you have what it takes to plan events for Hollywood’s Biggest Stars?


*Have you always wanted to break into the elite world of Hollywood party planning?


*Do you aspire to launch a high-profile career in PR?


This is the opportunity of a lifetime to become the next big celebrity event planner!


* 8 contestants will be competing by testing their skills & planning events for LG’s star studded client roster in Cabo San Lucas. The winner will take home a HUGE cash prize, priceless contacts, notoriety and a job of a lifetime!!!


Seeking: Men and women who know how to throw extravagant parties, 21-30yrs old, exceptionally attractive, that have BIG personalities!!


To be considered, Apply  with a recent photo and why you think you have what it takes to plan the biggest parties for hottest Celebrities!




National TV Show Casting Trendy Fashionista!


Do you love the latest looks…but your guy would just as soon see you in a t-shirt with jeans?  Do you go out of your way to have hip clothes…even though your man is baffled by gladiator sandals and balloon skirts? 


Is your guy turned on by basics, like high heels and short skirts…which have no fashion appeal for you?  The clothes that make your female friends go “Oooooh!” can sure be a lot different from the ones that get a comment out of a man, right?   


If your idea of chic is nothing like your guy’s idea of sexy, we are a National TV Show and want to hear from you!


Casting-Did a relative lose something of yours and you want them to replace it?


Do you have an irresponsible relative? Did they lose or damage something of yours that they have yet to replace? Is it time to get them to take responsibility and replace what they lost or damaged?


Let us help you and earn compensation!


National Daytime Show Searching for Women and Men


1.) Ready to dish on guys’ bodies?

Whaddaya like/love/hate, about your  guy’s body?  What do you think looks fabulous; what do you think looks weird?  What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever run across, what was your first thought when you saw a live guy naked, what do men not “get” about how important (or unimportant) fitness or grooming or size really is, to most women?  If you’re a woman who wants to dish about men’s bodies (and about guys’ attitudes about their bodies), or if you’re a woman with questions about the male anatomy…a top TV show wants to hear from you! 


2.) Is your man so hairy it’s scary?

Does your boyfriend or husband have too much hair in all the wrong places? Do his eyebrows seem to connect? Are his arms so excessively hairy that he could be mistaken for a furry animal? Maybe it’s his belly or back that needs a good trimming? If you’re living with a guy who has excessive hair and it’s time to get rid of it,  a top TV show wants to hear from you…and we just might be able to help!   Send us a picture of yourself and your hairy guy, along with your name, daytime and evening phone number, and a brief description of your story.


Obsessed with Celebrity Styles? Now Casting


Nationally syndicated talk show looking for fixated on celebrity styles. 


Are you constantly searching the fashion and entertainment magazines for the next celebrity hair, makeup, or fashion trend, only to have it fall flat when you try to copy the style yourself?


Do you buy the same shoes, clothes and even makeup worn by your favorite celebrity but are disappointed when the look doesn’t look the same on you as it does on them, and you want help pulling your celebrity style together?


If you or someone you know is interested in getting a glamorous style makeover from a Hollywood celebrity stylist, please contact us today!  Please only respond if you’re willing to appear on national television.


Obsessed with your Hair? Now Casting


Nationally syndicated talk show looking for people that are obsessed with their hair/looks.  Are you obsessed with your hair? Do you find yourself following celebrity trends trying to get just the right style but always end up with the wrong hairstyle?


Or, have you had the same hairstyle for years and are ready for a change? Is your hair too long, too short, too thin, too blond, or just wrong all together and you need a glamorous hair makeover?


Or, have you recently had a dramatic weight loss or dramatic life change and feel a glamorous hair makeover will help you start your new life?


If you are willing to receive a hair makeover please contact us!


SERIOUS RESPONSES ONLY—must be willing to have hair cut, dyed, styled at stylists discretion.


Huge Fan of Vivica A. Fox? Now Casting


Nationally syndicated talk show looking for die hard fans of Vivica Fox. 


Are you actress Vivica Fox’s biggest fan and would love to meet her? Have you seen all her movies and television shows, and even voted for her on “Dancing with the Stars?” Do you love her glamorous style and want to learn how to be and dress as glamorous as she does?


If so, then contact us!  Please only respond if you’re willing to appear on national television!


Casting Families For Home Makeover Show




IN your relationship, does one person have more space than the other?

Do you think your spouse has an unhealthy collection?

Do the kids keep sleeping in the bedroom?

Do the kids stuff literally take over the house?

Does your husband not enough private space?


Major award-winning production company is currently shooting a pilot that will focus on your home and relationship. In our show, couples renovate their relationships through a therapeutic home makeover. Each episode features a couple suffering from a common relationship problem – poor communication, not enough space for one member of the family, pack rats, slowed intimacy – and examines how the layout, design, and function of your house can contribute to these problems. What simple changes – cosmetic or construction-wise – could not only improve the house, but improve your relationship. NOTE - we are looking for real couples who are willing to get an honest assessment because they want to IMPROVE their relationship (not end it).


We are NOW CASTING – for a teaser pilot and need a couple willing to have some fun, get a free assessment from an actual psychologist, and tips on how to improve their house! For this, we simply need a dynamic couple willing to play with us for a show that will not air, and only been show internally. We are working with an actual development psychologist who will offer insight into your relationship and in the way you live.




-25-45, may or may not have kids


-Couple needs to live in a stand-alone house, no apartments


-All Diversities Welcome


TIME COMMITMENT: -A couple of hours on an afternoon, perhaps even a weekend so that you are both off


Ideally we are looking for a couple who wants help and sound advice. Do you want to talk to a counselor and get some ideas to improve upon your relationship? Is there something you want to change in your marriage that is directly related to the house? Is the bedroom too crowded with his stuff? Do you not have enough personal space?



Please send a photo


Short Bio and Description of your Relationship


Contact Information


Note – this is a huge favor to us, and remember this initial segment will not air. Thus, we are looking for a real couple with real issues they are comfortable sharing with us – and we want to help!


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