Reality TV Casting Calls Weekly Recap 9/11

Hey everyone, here are the latest Reality TV Casting Calls for the week. Good luck!

Fuse Dance Show Now Casting


Do you love to Dance?

Do you have the moves and the groove?

Do you want to show them off on TV?


Fuse is looking for fun energetic dancers to be a part of a new non-competitive dance show.    Dancers should be 18 to 28, outgoing, charismatic, full of energy and love to dance.  We are in search of dancers with all levels of experience in various backgrounds and genres.  


If dancing is your passion, we want to hear from you.   Please email us a brief letter telling us about you, your history in dance, why you love it and let us know why you want to be on our show.   Please make sure to include a recent picture no more then 6 months old as well as a contact telephone number. 


The show shoots October 13th to the 23rd with multiple tapings so the more available and interested you are the more you will be on TV.   This is a paid opportunity.


MTV’s Real World Open Casting Call - Boston, MA


MTV’s hit show THE REAL WORLD is looking for cast members for Season 22. If you want to shack up with six roommates, come on down to our OPEN CASTING CALL. Next season’s cast may have a place for you!


The requirements for an audition are simple. If you are between the ages of 18 and 24 then bring yourself, a valid ID and a recent photo to our OPEN CASTING CALL. You’ll interview with the Casting Directors and soon you could be sharing your life with millions of viewers on the next season of one of MTV’s most popular shows!

Casting Dance Show Troupes






We are in search of established dance troupes, performers and companies to perform on our show.  Dancers should be outgoing, charismatic, full of energy and love to dance.  We are in search of  performers in all styles and genres. 


If you are interested in this amazing opportunity, please email us a brief letter telling us about your troupe along with any press kits or bios.   Please make sure to include recent photos no more then 6 months old as well as a contact telephone number. 


The show shoots October 13th to the 23rd and this is a paid opportunity.






We are in search of established DJs with an extensive knowledge of all genres of music and an exuberant personality to keep the party going. DJs should be between the ages of 18 to 30, outgoing, charismatic and full of energy with great mic skills and a talent to motivate groups and crowds. 


If you are interested in this amazing opportunity, please email us a brief letter telling us about your self along with any press kits or bios.   Please make sure to include recent photos no more then 6 months old as well as a contact telephone number. 


The show shoots October 13th to the 23rd and this is a paid opportunity.


Rock Band 2 Now Casting


MTV’s official show for Rock Band 2!!!  The creator of Rock Star and The Apprentice, Mark Burnett and MTV bring you the first show based on the new game Rock Band 2.  That’s right everyone Rock Band 2 is almost here.


We are currently looking for a group of 4 people to form their own band and show us their stuff live on stage for the chance to win the Ultimate Rock Band Experience!


If you ever dreamed of being a rocker, we’re giving you your chance!  Are you up for the challenge?  Each ROCK BAND must consist of 4 people (lead vocalist, guitarist, bass guitarist, and drummer).    NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY.  Also, each member MUST be over the age of 18, and live in the Los Angeles or Southern California area.  Does your band have a theme?!?  We want to know what sets you apart from everyone else (fire fighters, sororities, fraternities, military, etc…)!


If your band has what it takes to compete against other rock bands    Apply now and include your band members NAME, CONTACT INFORMATION, AGES and RECENT PICTURES.  Tell us why your band rocks… and be creative!


See you on stage…be prepared to rock!


Seeking Self Proclaimed Geeks


Fine Living Network is casting for a new show called Wingman.  We are looking for people who are having a hard time dating in the tri state area.  We will then introduce you to our Wingman, Michael Somerville, who will then help you with your dating issues, and help to hopefully find your perfect match.


One of the people we are looking for is a self proclaimed geek.  One who loves going to ComicCon, or dresses up for Harry Potter, or anything unique that somebody might not be familiar with.  If this is stopping you from getting a date, or if the people you are dating just don’t understand your love, then we want to hear your story.


Tell us your interests, your relationship issues, and anything else we need to know.




Lifetime TV Casting Southern Belles in Charleston




CASTING: Southern women who exude wit, beauty and charm!  Are you tired of the negative stereotypes associated with southern women?  If you keep an active social schedule, manage an impeccable household, partake in philanthropic causes, value proper etiquette, cling to Southern tradition and know the meaning of true Southern hospitality, then we want to hear from you.


Lifetime Television, the network behind “Army Wives,” is looking to showcase proud southern women in a new television series. We’re looking for dynamic, active women who want to let us into their lives and times.  It is time to show America that Southern women truly exemplify ideal mothers, wives, sisters, friends, and neighbors. Romance us with your passion for the South…or your own bold interpretation of it.


Lifetime will be in Charleston interviewing real Southern women 9/22-10/12



Nationally Syndicated Daytime Talk show: DO YOU HAVE A CHILD WITH ADHD?


Are you a parent whose child has been diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)?


Do you think that the treatment and diagnosis of your ADHD child deserves greater scrutiny? 


Are you looking to determine what treatment will be most effective for your child?


If you have already started to medicate you ADHD child, what are your reasons for doing so? 


If you have anything to share on the ADHD topic, we would love to hear your story and have you on as a possible guest on the show.  Remember to be specific and give a lot of details.



TV Show Casting People Obsessed with their Dog


We are casting for a new reality show on the Fine Living Network.


Are you obsessed with your dog?  Do you take the everywhere?


Do you know someone who is letting their dog ruin their relationships?


Is your dog preventing you from finding the perfect partner?


New Daytime Medical Talk Show Now Casting




Are you considering having a plastic surgery procedure done that is outlandish and a little bit out of the ordinary?


Have you been through a traumatic accident and need reconstructive surgery, but can’t afford it?


Have you been through unique hardships and struggles that cause you to be deserving of this makeover? 


If so please detail a your story and why you are deserving of a makeover from a world renowned plastic surgeon?


Looking for the Ultimate Guy! Now Casting THE MAN!




Are you a stud? Do you have the style, cockiness, attitude and girl-taking abilities that put every other man to shame?


If you’re a winner at everything you do, from rocking the b-ball court to pleasing your lady (or ladies), you could be the man we’re looking for!


VH1 is searching for the ultimate alpha male – the kind of man who lives life in the fast lane, parties like a rock star and keeps his girl in check. The kind of guy who gets what he wants and makes no apologies – never letting another man, or even a girlfriend get in his way.


Do you have what it takes to win our supreme male competition worth 100 G’s and the supreme title of “THE MAN?”


You should be above the age of 21 and appear younger than 35. We are open to all types of male perfection: The Tommy Lee’s, Gladiators, Kutcher, Kanye, Coin Farrell, Beckham, Navarro, Tom Brady, Kobe, Kelly Slater, Tony Hawk. If these studdly icons have nothing on you, then email your full contact info and a picture.




Who will be “The Man?”


Are you a married female with an obsession or addiction? Now Casting


Network makeover show is seeking married females who suffer from compulsive behaviors who are interested in overcoming their obsession/addiction with professional help:


Do you spend all your time online?


Are you concerned your sexual habits are excessive?


Are you often unable to stop gambling once you start?


Has hoarding caused you to lead a double life?


Do you feel out of control while eating?


Is there something inside you, beyond your control, that pushes you to shop and buy?


Have major areas of your life been negatively affected by your drug or alcohol use?


Does your compulsion to (fill in the blank) overcome the voice in your head telling you to stop?


If you answered yes to any of these questions we want to hear from you! Please send a PHOTO and a DETAILED EMAIL telling us about yourself and your impulse control disorder.


Real Life Gossip Girls - Now Casting


Do you live an Upper East Side lifestyle in New York City?  Are you 21 - 25 years old?  Then this show is for you! From one of the producers of ‘The Hills’ comes a new show following the glamorous lives of young New Yorkers.  If you love to have fun, party at all the hot spots, wear all the latest fashions and think your life is truly fabulous then email us ASAP!


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