Reality TV Casting Calls Weekly WrapUp 10/9


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MTV’s True Life: I’m Having Twins (or Triplets)


Are you pregnant… with twins, triplets, or even more? Were you previously unable to conceive, but with the help of fertility drugs, now expecting multiple babies? Are you concerned about the financial, physical, and emotional toll of taking care of more than one newborn, or the possibility of complications during pregnancy or birth? Is this your first pregnancy, and perhaps an unexpected one? Were you looking forward to an active lifestyle or career that you are now going to have to put on hold? Or is this the first step in creating the big family you’ve always wanted? Have you always wanted twins, and now your dream is coming true? If you’re pregnant with multiples, MTV wants to hear from you.


If you appear to be between the ages of 18 and 28 and identify with any of the above, MTV wants to hear your story. Email us. Please be sure to include your name, location, phone number, and a recent photo.


NBC Casting Holiday Home Videos


The holiday season is just around the corner, and this year, NBC is counting down the most hilarious and entertaining holiday moments from families across the country.  We’re looking for everything from classic Christmas chaos to Chanukah mishaps to memorable New Year’s moments for a new NBC special airing this December.  We’ll choose from thousands of home video submissions then rank the best America has to offer!  So if you think your memorable holiday moment will “light up” our countdown, please send us your home videos NOW in order to be considered for this festive holiday special!


What we’re looking for: Amusing and/or heart warming moments from the holidays such as accidents involving a Christmas tree, wild or funny behavior moments with the local “Mall Santa,” sledding mishaps, holiday cooking/dinner table disasters, and any other event the camera caught that might make America smile, laugh, cry, or cringe!


 Wife Swap Now Casting


ABC’s Wife Swap is looking for a family of entertainers.


The series where two moms switch houses for seven days and live in the shoes of the other woman!


- Is your house a constant party?

- Is your wife a drill sergeant?

- Do you and your family play in a band or have a sideshow act?

- Does your husband use more hair products than you do?


You tell us what makes your family unique. Casting Producers for ABC’s WIFE SWAP are looking for our next stars. Any person who refers a featured family receives a $1,000 referral award. Families selected to appear on the show receive compensation for their time!


Wife Swap is the series where two moms swap lives for 7 days! Wife Swap airs on Friday  nights at 8pm. (Check your local listings.) It’s a great experience for any open-minded family.


Married Women with Obsessions Now Casting


Looking for MARRIED WOMEN who are ADDICTED or OBSESSED with something in their lives and want help!


We are interested in hearing any obsession/addiction story you may have. Some examples of stories we are looking into are:


-Out of Control Eating

-Gambling Addiction

-Obsession with working out/going to the gym

-Hoarding Addiction

-Obsession with the Internet

-Shopping Obsession

-Addiction to Drugs/Alcohol


If you fit any of the above or have your own unique obsession you are dealing with please Apply and include the following info:





Marital Status:

Number of Children:

Phone #:

Brief description of your obsession:



Major Television Network Now Casting INVENTORS / ASPIRING ENTREPRENEURS! - Shark Tank


New TV Pilot for Major Television Network Now Casting INVENTORS / ASPIRING ENTREPRENEURS for Mark Burnett Productions


Do you have an amazing idea or product but need the money to back it?


Would you like the opportunity to pitch your invention to several multi-millionaire investors?


If so, we want to hear from you! 


Email a brief paragraph containing only NON-CONFIDENTIAL and NON-PROPRIETARY information about yourself and your idea along with contact info and a recent photo



Casting Vloggers for new Major Network show “TV Diaries”


NOW CASTING “TV Diaries” for a major network.


Would your real life escapades make your mom BLUSH?


Is there MORE to you then just what you appear?




A new series “TV Diaries” is sweeping the nation for the best untold stories & secrets…


If you think your life will keep America turning the pages, then WE WANT YOU.


The Conlin Company is currently casting guys, girls and duo’s who are bold, provocative, interesting, and shhhh! Secretive and are willing to open up their lives to America for cash prizes.


If you make people THINK your life is an open book, but know you can’t judge a book by its cover…grab a video camera….

and welcome to America’s most cutting edge new show:


*Complete details available starting 10/2/08, send us an email in the meantime


Dreaming of Hollywood Project Now Casting


You’re moving to Hollywood to become an actor, model, musical artist, writer or filmmaker. It’s the adventure of a lifetime. So you NEED to share your adventure with the rest of America! If you’re ready to pack up that car and drive out to Hollywood, Pilgrim Films and Television (the producers of “Dirty Jobs,” “Ghost Hunters” and “Ultimate Fighter”) wants to make YOU the star of your own web-based series.


Producers are searching for a young, energetic, unknown talent between the ages of 18 and 24 who has made up his/her mind to leave home and take on Hollywood in the NEXT TWO MONTHS. We will PAY YOU, supply you with your own camera equipment and create a series to document your cross-country drive, your arrival in Tinsel Town and the first few, exciting weeks of your life in Los Angeles. This will be your opportunity to show everyone at home that you WILL make it in the business.


Casting Athletes for Ecko TV Videos


Ecko TV the brain child of the very innovative and iconic Mark Ecko who is looking for hot talent from surf, skate, bmx, graff heads, snow… to create a dope segment. He’s got the production, you just need to show up. If you’re interested submit your vid and/or pics on this page or any links blowing up your spot and you may be selected to get some national exposure through Ecko TV. So stop reading and start hustling. You’ll get Ecko gear, exposure, screen credits.


TV Made Me Do It Now Casting


Are you a TV-inspired wild animal or reptile trainer? Now Casting.


Were you inspired by a show on Discovery Channel, Animal Planet or National Geographic to work with venomous snakes, wild bears, vicious sharks or deadly crocodiles? Did you have a career epiphany after watching Crocodile Hunter, Jack Hanna’s Animal Adventures, The Grizzlyman Diaries or something on Discovery’s Shark Week? If so, we want to hear from you! We produce a series called “TV Made Me Do It” – a Canadian-based documentary show that looks at people who have been inspired by television. One of our season-two shows is themed around wild animal trainers and we are looking for people who were driven to do what they do because of something seen on TV.




A NATIONALLY SYNDICATED MEDICAL TALKSHOW wants to hear your complaints about your bodies!


Every woman worries about having the perfect-model-esque body. The average American model is 5′11″ tall and weighs 117 pounds.  But the fact of the matter is that the average American woman is 5’4” tall and weighs 140 pounds. Most fashion models are thinner than 98% of American women.


What do real women complain about?


Tired of you cellulite, sick of your back-ne, are your lips too small?  Or do your complaints about your bodies go beyond the exterior such as a low sex drive?


We want to hear what’s on your mind. Tell us your story and be sure to give a lot of details and provide a number that we can reach you at. Look forward to hearing from you soon!


Make Over Show Now Casting




The network that brings you the #1 reality hit, America’s Next Top Model is now casting for a Makeover Show on The CW Television Network in YOUR hometown!


We need OUTGOING people with AMAZING personalities who are in desperate need of a style makeover.  We are looking for individuals who have triumphed over great adversity or who have been blessed beyond comparison. If you have a great story we’d like to know about it!! Nominate yourself, a friend, or loved one who is deserving or just really needs this opportunity.


Please send your name, age, height, weight, contact info and recent photos (include a full body and close up shot) along with your story of why you deserve a makeover from America’s Next Top Model’s glam gurus!! Or nominate someone who you think deserves it!! 


Makeover contestants MUST be female between the ages of 19 to 32 years old

to apply.




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